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XXXII Musical Weeks at the Olympic Theater in Vicenza 2023
“First the silence, then the sound, or the word”
They come back Musical Weeks at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: from 21 April to 11 June 2023 in the splendid Palladian city the 32 edition of the festival, which offers a rich and stimulating program curated by the artistic director Sonig Tchakerian. An Italian violinist of Armenian origins, Tchakerian boasts a valuable international career, an extensive discography including recordings for labels such as Decca and Deutsche Grammophon, and is a violin teacher at the Higher Education courses of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

Awarded the prestigious Franco Abbiati Award in 2011, the Musical Weeks, like every spring, enliven the extraordinary stage of the Teatro Olimpico designed by Andrea Palladio with notes, as well as palaces and historic places in the city. The Festival has its focal point in the chamber music, but also meets the jazz, the theater and the tale, confirming the vocation to pluralism of artistic expression and cultural contaminations.

Protagonists of the concerts will be renowned artists among which Mario Brunello, Andrew Lucchesini, Gabriel Mirabassi, the same Sonig Tchakerian, and numerous young talents to which the festival devotes ample space.

First the silence, then the sound, or the word – inspired by a thought of Pier Paolo Pasolini (Essays on literature and art) – this is the motto chosen for the 2022-2024 triennial programming of the Vicenza festival: an invitation to reflection, from the private intimacy that silence protects to the sharing of the experience of sound and words.

The Musical Weeks at the Teatro Olimpico 2023 are divided into various appointments: i chamber music concerts at the Teatro Olimpico, the Youth Project, the Brunelli Piano Prize, the Mu.Vi – Music Vicenza, the conversations held by well-known musicologists before the concerts.

To open the programming will be the XII edition of the Lamberto Brunelli Award, national piano competition that the Festival has been organizing with the Brunelli family since 2011 and in co-production with the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza. Two tests are foreseen, the April 21 the preliminaries with a solo piano recital at the Teatro San Marco, and the April 23 there the final with i three selected pianists who will perform in the extraordinary Teatro Olimpico together with theRegional Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta.

New to underline, the obligatory contemporary piece in the preliminary round of the competition, Study – I – "Ligation" from Pasquale Punzo, specially commissioned by the Brunelli Prize in collaboration with the high specialization course in composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome.

Programming goes live on Sunday May 21 with the now traditional appointment Mu.Vi – Music Vicenza, prologue to the Festival now in its seventh edition: a widespread event, which throughout the day, from 11 to 18, will make some of the most beautiful places in Vicenza resonate with concerts and musical moments, from Chiericati Palace at the Loggia del Capitaniato to the Leoni Montanari Palace, with dozens of young talents ready to share the emotion of outdoor music. An enthralling interweaving of voices and programs will create a real music festival in which everyone is invited to participate.

On the same date as May 21, at 20.45 at Olympic Theateris on the calendar  the inaugural event of the Festival: the concert Seasons and Mid-Seasonswhich sees protagonists Sonig Tchakerian to the violin, Peter Tonol on sax andRegional Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta. To open the evening, the evocative sacred hymn of Nerses Shnorhali, Armenian theologian, poet and writer of the 12th century, executed on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the author's death; a unique opportunity to listen to a very rare piece, linked to Sonig Tchakerian's Armenian origins. The concert continues ranging from baroque to jazz, with the pieces that give the program its title, The Four Seasonsthe of Antonio Vivaldi and the Mid Seasons of the saxophonist and composer Peter Tonol.

Friday May 26 we continue with the second of the four concerts that bring famous artists to the stage of the Teatro Olimpico: for the cycle Very easy Bach, the cellist returns to the Festival Mario Brunello, a star who will enchant the public by combining the Baroque with the twentieth century, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with that of the Russian composer of Polish origin Mieczyslaw Weinberg: “Bach-Weinberg, the right distance. Suites and Sonatas".

Sunday May 28th the concert-spectacle is staged A visit to Beethoven based on the short story written by Richard Wagner at a young age, text in which he imagines his adventurous journey to meet Ludwig van Beethoven. On stage the actor Paul Kessisoglu, with Sonig Tchakerian on the violin and Leonora Armellini at the piano, engaged in music by the genius of Bonn.

Friday June 2nd we go to the concert Dialogues: the pianist Andrea Lucchesini and Gabriele Mirabassi on the clarinet will play a very varied programme, which ranges from the Italian 18th century to the contemporary repertoire, from the South American world to jazz improvisation: a mix of styles and references, from Alexander Scarlet to Luciano Berio, Carlos Jobim is André Mehmari.

Two le Matinee to Building Ask yourself: Sunday May 28th Very easy Bach with the harpsichord of Roberto Loreggian and the cello and viola da gamba by Francesco Galligioni;

Sunday June 4th Debussy in the playroom, a cameo between notes and words with the pianist Stephanie Redaelli and actress and pianist Maria Luisa Zaltron.

Finally, ample space is given to Youth Project: one of the primary objectives of the Musical Weeks at the Teatro Olimpico is in fact the valorisation of emerging talents, the attention to new interpreters.

You are the concerts of Youth Project which see protagonists: Nicholas Cafaro, winner of the Venice Prize 2022 (Saturday 27 May), Wakana Marlene Tanaka, winner ex aequo with Alessandro Del Gobbo of the Brunelli Prize 2022 (Saturday 3 June), Irene Fiorito is Richard Ronda winners of the Guglielmo 2022 Call (Sunday 4 June), Alessandro Del Gobbo winner ex aequo with Wakana Marlene Tanaka of the Brunelli Prize 2022 (Saturday 10 June), Daniel Fasani selected for the contemporary piano course at the Music Academy of Pinerolo and Turin (Sunday 11 June), Marta Pacifici, with Constance Leuzzi, selected for the High Specialization courses at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia.

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XXXII Musical Weeks at the Olympic Theater in Vicenza 2023

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