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Wunderkammer 2023 | 18th edition “Carpe Diem” • Trieste
The Ancient Music Festival returns and in an intense weekend enlivens the most significant places in the city with concerts
TO Trieste come back Wunderkammer, the Ancient Music Festival which animates the most representative places of the city with its carnet of precious concerts that offer /an immersion / explore in the increasingly current sound worlds of the past.

This year Wunderkammer invites everyone to seize the moment – indeed it is Carpe Diem the title chosen for the 18th edition, which presents an important novelty: for the first time the Festival will take place entirely over one weekend, from the evening of the 20th to the evening of the 22nd October 2023. An outside festival will then celebrate the European Early Music Day the next March 21st.

"Carpe Diem – explains the artistic director Paola Erdas – is our exhortation, not to miss the opportunity to listen, savor, enjoy a living, sharing show, finally free to be together and actively participate in an event that unites artists and listeners, in a total involvement that lasts a fleeting but unforgettable weekend." 

Scheduled nine dates that they will be located in different areas of Trieste: the Sartorio Museum, the Lloyd Tower, the Miela Theatre, the Beata Vergine del Rosario Church and the Carlo Schmidl Civic Theater Museum.

Artists from all over the world will give life to the concerts, in a real music festival that will encourage the public to 'seize the day' going from one show to another, from 11 in the morning to 8.30 in the evening, walking, having a coffee or an aperitif between one show and another. 

The program

The billboard is divided into three sections, I perform in concert (for ensembles), Jewel Concerts (soloists with rare instruments) in collaboration with the Società dei Concerti, e Children but not only, shows for the little ones but also for those accompanying them.

The Wunderkammer Festival 2023 kicks off on Friday October 20 (20.30) to theater Honey with the original show Arnalta Cafe which opens the section I perform in concert: more than a concert, a stand-up comedy built around the figure of nurses en travesti, a constant presence in baroque opera and among the recurring characters most loved by the seventeenth-century public. Each of them will say - or rather will sing - their own, among lullabies, sleep arias, toilet arias, protest arias, irreverent teasing: a series of amusing sketches, but at the same time of great musical value, where the many nurses outlined by well-known composers such as Monteverdi and Cavalli will be flanked by those of lesser-known authors, with the first modern performance of operatic scenes that return to light after more than three hundred years. The tenor gives shape to this original mix of classical and café chantant Luca Cervoni, specialist in the baroque repertoire, and composer and conductor Alessandro Quarta, here in the role of concertmaster and harpsichordist, with the instrumentalists of his ensemble Concert Roman.

Saturday October 21 off we go at 11 in Lloyd's Tower with The art of the monkey, curiosity with all sorts of tools proposed, always for the I perform in concert, by the ensemble The Aquilegia formed by Teodora Tommasi (ancient harps, voice) e Federico Rossignoli (crembalum, cittern, lute). Like a pair of musician monkeys, L'Aquilegia steals the concept of "sonar with all sorts of instruments" and, taking inspiration from the instruments in the hands of the monkeys represented in the miniatures (crembalum or wind chime, lute, harp, cittern), proposes a happy musical journey from the late Middle Ages to the late Renaissance. The soundscape, as dense as the branches of a forest, will reveal how musical our ancestors were, both artistic and... biological.

TO3pm continue to Sartorio Museum with the first god Concerts in Jewel, four refined events that range in musical repertoire between the 14th and 15th centuries, recalling the atmosphere of the courts and cathedrals of a distant time. In his program entitled Constantia - Weaving of ropes between the Middle Ages and the dawn of the Baroque the Polish harpsichordist Daria Kubik will propose music by the Ferrarese composer Ercole Pasquini (1560 – 1619) and excerpts from Codex Faenza, fifteenth-century manuscript containing one of the oldest collections of keyboard music in the world. He will perform them, as well as on the harpsichord, on the keys of the clavisymbalum, the ancient fifteenth-century harpsichord.

For the cycle Children but not only at 5.30pm to the Miela Theater is on the calendar Pictures at an exhibition with Pierluigi Masters, narrator and paper artist, and with the piano duo formed by Alessandra Sagelli  is Sara Radin. Modest Mussorgsky, visiting St. Petersburg in 1874 to the exhibition of the works of his friend Viktor Aleksandrovich Hartmann, artist and architect, was so impressed that he decided to "paint" his emotions in music. Thus was born the very famous composition Pictures at an exhibition, paintings that come to life in the show with paper shapes and come alive with music. Between walks, old castles, ancient carts, dancing chicks, and the famous Baba Yaga hut which stands on chicken legs, children and those accompanying them, with eyes (and ears) wide open, can relive the emotions firsthand by Mussorgsky.

At 20.30 the day ends in Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary in Piazza Vecchia with the second dei Concerts in Jewel: the American trombonist Henry Van Engen and the Italian organist Michele Vannelli they will give  Breath to the Angels, with a program dedicated to the Italian Baroque melody, embellished, flowery, embroidered by the ancient trombone accompanied by the organ. Music by Frescobaldi, Palestrina, de Rore, Bassano and other rarities.

Sunday October 22, at 11 for the section Children but not only to the Miela Theater he arrives The mysterious mystery of the baroque cantata of Ilaria Zanetti, even on stage together with Alessandra Sagelli is Enrico Maronese. The show is a real baroque mystery musical with a fun and engaging plot in which the audience of children, even pre-school age, interacts with the artists, and meanwhile listens to three beautiful baroque cantatas by Barbara Strozzi is Antonio Let's turn.

At 15, to the Carlo Schmidl Theater Museum they return Concerts in Jewel with the medieval accordion and the spinet of Catalina Vicens that will propose From a pinch to a pinch, a program that spans the centuries and nations of Europe. Starting from the mystic Hildegard of Bingen, the concert flows towards the Renaissance and crosses the sea, towards distant England where William's notes resonateByrd, the favorite musician of Elizabeth I. Internationally renowned Chilean artist, Catalina Vicens has been Curator of the San Colombano Museum since 2022, where the Collection of ancient instruments of Maestro Luigi Tagliavini is located, the only Museum in Italy where the instruments are all constantly used and played.

At 5.30pm to the Sartorio Museum here is the last of the Concerts in Jewel with the precious thirteen-course lute of Simone Vallerotonda. The Roman musician presents an intense and poignant concert taken from his second album recently published by Arcana, Meditation – Les four seasons of lunch, the summation of the music favored at the French court between the intimate world of Louis XIII and the sumptuous world of Louis XIV, the Sun King.

Finally, the Wunderkammer Festival 2023 closes, always on the day of October 22, with the I support in concert  Women in music scheduled at 20.30 At there Lloyd's Tower: the PuraCorda Quartet is the protagonist of an evening dedicated to four women composers who, among many, claimed their space in the world of music and played an influential role in Europe between the two wars, leaving an important musical legacy. Authors who are little known today but with exceptional skill such as Rebecca Clarke, Anglo-American, one of the first women members of the Society of Women Musicians, Germaine Tailleferre, who despite the difficulties posed by his father graduated in piano and composition at the Paris Conservatory, Henriëtte Bosmans, Dutch, with a brilliant career interrupted by the laws of the Second World War, ed Elizabeth Maconchy, British of Irish origin, one of the latest generation composers who joined the Society of Women Musicians of which she held the position of vice-president.

Ticket office

The concerts in the Lloyd Tower and in the Beata Vergine del Rosario Church are free admission with reservations required
Wunderkammer 2023 | 18th edition “Carpe Diem” • Trieste

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