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“Long live the dance”, Roberto Bolle returns to Rai 1 with a great show – event
On the occasion of International Dance Day, on April 29th in prime time the show that celebrates all dance genres
TheApril 29th, on the occasion of the International Dance Day, come back upstairs Rai 1 in the early evening (9.30 pm) Roberto Bolle, creator of the show-event wanted by RAI and from Ministry of Culture to celebrate the art of dance in Italy.

IS "Long live the Dance”, a show that will be a great party dedicated to all dance genres: 'it is a great declaration of love towards dance – he commented Roberto Bubbles – we professionals have always celebrated the international day, but it is nice to share such a special moment for us with the general public. Behind the scenes we will also tell viewers our point of view, it is certainly an unprecedented look at the world of Dance and another way to tell it", he added.

Produced by Rai Direzione Intrattamento in collaboration with Ballandi and Artedanza srl, the show is produced at, at Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, among the largest theaters in the world.

The format includes a large gala at the center structured as if it were the famous "Roberto Bolle and Friends", the show with which Bolle enchanted the most prestigious and evocative stages in the world. The great performers are borrowed from the Gala - some of the brightest stars of the international terpsichorean scene Melissa Hamilton to Daniil Simkin, from the Étoile of the Teatro alla Scala Nicoletta Manni to Tatiana Melnik, from Timofej Andrijashenko to Virna Toppi, Lobach tone, You smoke Kanekor continuing with the young Italian talent working at the Royal Ballet in London, Marco Masciari, to William Bracewell until Aterballetto, at the MM Contemporary Dance Company and to the students of School of Dance at the Teatro alla Scala Academy – and the unpredictable and bewitching alternation of pieces from the most classic repertoire mixed with the most contemporary. But it's not just classical dance, there are many genres represented which enliven the theatre. Every type of dance, from hip hop to swing, from Latin American to tap, in every corner of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

The story is then enriched with many intertwined narrative strands that make the show a cheerful and surprising celebration: there is behind the scenes where not only will the artists meet a moment before the performance, but where tales and stories of dance and life and the mechanisms of the theater and its "inhabitants", a small magical world with its rules. To the frontal gaze of the television is added the more intimate and at the same time unruly gaze of the eye of a camera intended to film for a documentary and therefore committed to capturing the spirit of dance in its maximum expression, which takes us into a fantastic, poetic world and at the same time fun and unconventional.

To create this complex structure, in addition to the great dancers, Bolle called upon some artists from the world of music, cinema and television to whom he entrusted parts of the story.

There is Katia Follesa, an all-round stage manager who controls, commands, advises and, when necessary, works in every profession so that the show can always and in any case continue, with mastery and lots and lots of irony. There are the two hosts of the documentary, Fabrizio Biggio is Valentina Romani, who, led by the hand of Roberto Bolle himself, enter the belly of the Theater and from a privileged point of view, on the stage, in the dressing rooms, in the rehearsal rooms, observe, learn, discover the magical world of dance, getting excited together with the audience. There is Francesco Pannofino a sort of “Phantom of the Opera” that breathes with the theater and tells its deepest thoughts.

And finally there is a duet with one of the most appreciated artists on the contemporary music scene: Elodie. It is with his music, sensual and energetic at the same time, that Roberto Bolle's Apollonian dance is measured for an extraordinary encounter.

Also on stage are the children of Children's Choir of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino whose singing is accompanied by an original choreography by Roberto Bolle and the composer and violinist Alessandro Quarta.

The audience present in the room will be very special and composed mostly of young students from dance schools from all over Italy - brought together with the collaboration of AssoDanza Italia, the main association that protects and represents dance schools, teachers and operators in the entertainment sector who recognize themselves in Basic Dance Training. An enthusiastic representation of that wonderful dance people who gather every year, all dressed in white, in Piazza del Duomo, for the "largest ballet class in the history" of OnDance, led by Roberto Bolle himself to send a message of love for this art that has crossed national borders.

A special evening, solemn and fun together, to celebrate one of the most beloved arts in our country and which has its roots right here.

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Source: Rai press release

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