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Venice, Mario Brunello returns to the Lo Squero Auditorium for the Asolo Musica Season
The famous cellist offers a musical journey from the Baroque to the twentieth century, from Bach to Weinberg
Organizzato da: Asolo Musica in collaborazione con Fondazione Cini

Asolo Musica in collaboration with the Cini Presenta Foundation

“Concert Season 2023”
For the Asolo Musica Season, Mario Brunello returns to one of the most fascinating concert halls not only of Venice, L'Lo Squero Auditorium of the Cini Foundation, on theIsland of San Giorgio Maggiore: in this extraordinary place, directly overlooking the waters of the San Marco Basin, on Saturday November 18, 2023 (4.30 pm) the famous musician will make the notes of his cello resonate on a journey from the Baroque to the twentieth century, alternating pages of Johann Sebastian Bach and of Mieczysław Weinberg.

An extraordinary interpreter and eclectic artist who easily ranges between baroque, jazz and contemporary, Mario Brunello is always attentive to experiences that go beyond the codified boundaries of music, as in this unusual concert which fruitfully compares two authors who are very different from each other in terms of era, personal experience and musical production, but united by the strength of their art and the projection towards the future.

Titled Bach – Weinberg, the right distance, the concert is "almost a relay race between two composers who have opened unimaginable paths, created metaphysical architecture and who continue to be meteors traveling into the future" - he comments Mario Brunello.  – “While it is impossible not to be fascinated by the mastery with which Bach expresses the said and unsaid in his Suites for solo cello, the cello in Weinberg's music instead speaks of desperation and hope at the same time, in works of extraordinary personality.”

The program is divided between Johann Sebastian Bach, with two solos for cello extraordinarily rich in invention and emotional depth (A Suite no. 1 in G major BWV 1007 and the Suite n. 2 in C minor BWV 1008) and two Sonatas for the same instrument as the Polish Jewish composer of the twentieth century Mieczyslaw Weinberg, who in 1939 fled the Nazi ferocity at the age of twenty and took refuge in the Soviet Union, where he spent most of his career and where he was particularly respected by Shostakovich. The revaluation of his art, long little known, is a recent trend. A sort of posthumous compensation for an author who died in 1996 who some historians, in the second half of the last century, considered - probably not wrongly - to be on par with Prokofiev and his mentor Shostakovich himself.

The concert, organized in collaboration with Anti-rust, offers itself as a musical tale of refined intimacy which, with an unusual programme, travels in time between classical and modern; an invitation to search for ever new ideas with music that creates links and correspondences between countries and cultures.

(Mario Brunello, photocredit ©Simone Cecchetti)
Venice, Mario Brunello returns to the Lo Squero Auditorium for the Asolo Musica Season

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With the integrated ticket the public will have the opportunity to visit the Cini Foundation, the Borges Labyrinth, the Forest with the Vatican Chapels and the Green Theatre.


Mario Brunello, cello


Music by Johann Sebastian Bach is Mieczyslaw Weinberg

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Mario Brunello𝄞 Cello, small cello

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