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University of Insubria - University Concert Season
The University of Insubria is a state university founded in 1998. Since 2001, as part of the cultural offer addressed to the City and the Region, it has been offering its own concert season with free admission.


The XXI Concert Season includes 9 appointments and takes place from 4 November 2021 to 10 June 2022.

The University Concert Season born in 2001, as part of the cultural offer that the University of Insubria addresses to the City and the Region. Designed by the master Corrado Greco who is still the artistic director, the review has seen a succession of appointments of great value in recent years for the quality of the performers and repertoire performed.

The concerts, with free admission, are aimed not only at an audience of experts, but also at those who want to approach great music for the first time. They have "a strong vocation for a tasty and frank concert style, but not without some peculiarities". The musical genres offered range from the cultured paths of chamber and symphonic music to the suggestions of jazz, musicals and Latin music. The bill combines tradition and originality, and each concert lends itself to different listening levels, with the aim of arousing both the curiosity of the loyal public and the interest of new visitors.


The University of Insubria is an Italian state university founded in July 1998. It is among the first in Italy to have adopted a new network organizational model, with two main poles in Varese and Como under a single seal, which symbolizes the historical and cultural link with the communities of its territory. Administrative, teaching and research activities take place in the offices of Varese (which is also the registered office of the University), Como and Busto Arsizio.

Rector elected for the 2018 - 24 sexennium is Professor Angelo Tagliabue.


In the photos, the Varese branch of the University, and below, M ° Corrado Greco, creator and artistic director of the Concert Season

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