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Contemporary dance triptych at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma: Forsythe - Inger - Blanc
On stage the three works 'Herman Schmerman', 'Walking Mad', 'From Afar' in a new staging of the Capitoline Opera
Organized by: Rome Opera Foundation

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma Foundation Presenta

"Season 2021 - 22"
Back to the usual contemporary dance triptych for the season of Ballet of the Rome Opera: from 25 February to 3 March, will be protagonists William Forsythe with the well-known work Herman Schmerman, Johan Inger with the song Walking Mad is Nicolas Blanc with From Afar. The three choreographies will be proposed in a new layout of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Main performers on stage, the étoiles Alessandra Amato is Susanna Salvi and the first dancers Claudio Cocino, Michele Satriano, Alessio Rezza. The evening opens with Herman Schmerman of the genius William Forsythe than on the music of Thom Willems created in 1992 a plotless ballet divided into two acts, with the sole purpose of seeing talented dancers dance with costumes designed by Gianni Versace. “The first time I heard the words Herman Schmerman she was in the movie The mystery of the missing corpse with Steve Martin - explains Forsythe, talking about his choreography. In my opinion it is a fascinating title that means nothing. This ballet also means nothing. It's a very fun piece on dance. It's all about talented dancers dancing, and that's good, isn't it? ”. The second song of the evening is Walking Mad created by the Swedish Johan Inger in 2001 and presented in Rome in March 2018. It is “a journey, a journey full of surprises and unexpected turns - says the Swedish choreographer. - If you look at it carefully, Walking Mad it is a circle. In the end we go back to the beginning, but something has changed, in the spirit, in the energy. We went from something colored to something gray, static ”. On the notes of the Bolero of Ravel and of For Alina of Pärt, Inger brings to the stage a wall that divides, moves and opens, generating glimmers of communication. Closing From Afar, creation of the choreographer Nicolas Blanc, to music by Ezio Boxwood with scenes from Andrea Miglio and the costumes of Anna Biagiotti. It is a story that relates presence and absence, closeness and distance, as Blanc explains: "From Afar it's about women and men, about a human adventure, an adventure of hearts and souls. Through this journey I think of the ephemeral of life, but also of the vital force of the moving covers that follow the oceanic tide of Ezio Bosso's glorious symphony ”.
Contemporary dance triptych at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma: Forsythe - Inger - Blanc


Main interpreters Alessandra Amato Susanna Salvi Claudio Cocino Michele Satriano Alessio Rezza Étoiles, PrimI Dancers, Soloists and Corps de Ballet of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma New staging of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma music on a recorded basis


Herman Schmerman Music Thom Willems Choreography William Forsythe Costumes Gianni Versace Walking Mad Music Maurice Ravel Bolero for Orchestra (1928) Arvo Pärt Für Alina for Piano (1976) Choreography Johan Inger Taken from Yvan Dubreuil Scenes and costumes Johan Inger Lights Erik Berglund From Afar Music Ezio Bosso Creation of Nicolas Blanc Scenes Andrea Miglio Costumes Anna Biagiotti


26 February at 6.00 pm 27 February at 4.30 pm 01 March at 11.00 (schools) 02 March at 20.00 03 March at 20.00 (youth preview 24 February at 19.00)

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