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Rome, Contemporary Triptych
Innovation and Tradition at Costanzi in Eleonora Abbagnato's Dance Triptych

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma Foundation Presenta

“ Season 2023/24 ”
In the heart of the artistic season, from 23 to 29 March, the Rome Opera Theater presents an event that promises to be a point of reference for lovers of classical and contemporary dance: the Dance Triptych. This initiative, strongly supported by Eleonora Abbagnato, director of the Rome Opera ballet and star of international ballet, aims to celebrate dance in all its forms, mixing tradition and innovation in a program of extraordinary richness and variety.
The Triptych opens with “Playlist (Track 1, 2)”, a creation by William Forsythe which represents a real bridge between the past and present of dance. Forsythe, known for his revolutionary approach to choreography, created this piece for the English National Ballet in 2018, demonstrating how classicism can blend harmoniously with the athleticism typical of modern ballet. The choice of music, which ranges from new soul to house, adds a further level of contemporaneity to the work, making it a shining example of how dance can evolve while maintaining its roots.
Followed by “Windgames” by Patrick de Bana, a choreography that debuted in 2013 for the Wiener Staatsballett. This work stands out for its use of Tchaikovsky's Opus 35, combining the majesty of classical music with an innovative choreographic language. The performance in Rome marks the first time that de Bana's work has been presented at the Rome Opera, introducing Roman audiences to his distinctive style, which blends classical and contemporary elements in an ongoing and stimulating dialogue.
The evening ends with “Women”, a creation by the young and talented Brazilian choreographer Juliano Nunes. In her debut in Rome, Nunes chooses the music of the Danish pianist and composer Alexander Mackenzie, creating a work that reflects on the strength, beauty and complexity of the female universe. The choice to use recorded music is in line with the desire to explore new expressive possibilities, demonstrating how contemporary dance can draw on different sources without losing contact with tradition.
Rome, Contemporary Triptych


Alessandra Amato, Rebecca Bianchi, Susanna Salvi, Alessio Rezza, Claudio Cocino, Michele Satriano.
Étoiles, Principal Dancers, Soloists and Ballet of the Rome Opera Theater


Playlists (Tracks 1, 2)
Ballet In One Act
Music By Peven Everett: Surely Shorty – Lion Babe: Impossible (Jax Jones Remix)
Choreography William Forsythe
Assistant Choreographer José Carlos Blanco Martínez
Sets and costumes William Forsythe
Lights Tanja Rühl

Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Choreography Patrick De Bana
Assistant Choreographer Aída Badía
Agnès Letestu costumes
Lights James Angot

Music by Alexander Mackenzie and Sune Martin
Choreography Juliano Nunes
Mikaela Kelly Costumes
Lights Tania Rühl


From March 23rd to 29th

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Rome Opera Theater FoundationTheater Foundation… more

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