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Trame Sonore 2022 - 10. Mantova Chamber Music Festival
Mantua will be the capital of chamber music, 150 concerts in 5 days with 350 artists, guest of honor Alfred Brendel, resident artist Alexander Lonquich
Sound Plots, the great international chamber music festival returns to Mantua from 1 to June 5th 2022:

150 concerts with 350 artists from all over the world will make the magnificent public and private art places of the city resound with music, the fulcrum of the Italian Renaissance, Unesco Heritage since 2008. For five days Mantua will be the international capital of chamber music, expressed in all its forms and declined in 18 (+ 1) thematic plots.

Guest of honor of Sound textures will be the great pianist Alfred Brendel, Alexander Lonquich, pianist and conductor, is a resident artist, theChamber Orchestra of Mantua it has always been the 'beating heart' of the event. Among the artists on the bill, to mention just a few of the best known, Ian Bostridge, Ilya Gringolts, Franco Petracchi, Andrea Lucchesini, Gloria Campaner, L'Octet of the Berliner Philharmonker.

In a few years it has become a staple in the panorama of Italian festivals and an essential appointment for musicians from all over the world, Sound Plots crosses the finish line of the 10. edition.

Designed by artistic director Carlo Fabiano - violinist, chamber musician, for 40 years soul of the Mantua Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Music teacher at the High Specialization Courses of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia - the festival starts from the simple but revolutionary idea of bringing back chamber music to its original size: not concert halls with a thousand or more seats, but a space of limited size, precisely a 'room': "of course, the organizers underline, not just any 'room', but one made an object of art by vocation to the absolute beauty of the Italian Renaissance, a room that over the centuries has remained a musical casket welcoming different fashions, decorations and music '. Sound textures in ten years it has made that very high experience, originally elite and private, popular, democratic, horizontal, allowing access to thousands of people every year and spreading beauty without borders, paving the way for many other events that have followed suit.

All of Mantua will be filled with notes, as the city of the Gonzagas, a jewel of the Italian Renaissance, offers a myriad of spaces and environments tailored to chamber music: if the venue for the festival remains the magnificent Ducal Palace with the Gallery of Mirrors and other rooms (Sala di Manto, Sala dei Fiumi, Sala dei Capitani…) The suburban residence of Palazzo Te the work of Giulio Romano, the eighteenth century Bibiena Theater, the oldest church in the city, Rotunda of San Lorenzo, the square and the basilica of Santa Barbara, sumptuous noble residences such as i Palaces of Arco, Panzera, Castiglioni and many other spaces.

Sound Plots, without falling into the stereotypes of the musical star system, and maintaining firm the character of "oceanic and collective happening" which is its very reason for being, in the sign of absolute artistic excellence it hosts, as every year, some of the best chamber musicians on the international scene : in addition to the already mentioned Alfred Brendel, guest of honor, Alexander Lonquich, artist in residence engaged in the double role of pianist and conductor, theChamber Orchestra of Mantua, engine of the festival, will be in Mantua Ian Bostridge, Ilya Gringolts, Stephen Waarts, Miariam Prandi, the violinists Marco Rizzi, Jonian Ilias Kadesha is Barnabas Kelemen, the violists Lawrence Power, Danusha Waskiewicz, Danilo Rossi is Katalin Kokas, the cellists Nicolas Altstaedt, Vashti Hunter is Giovanni Gnocchi, the double bass player Franco Petracchi, the clarinetists Pablo Barragan is Reto Bieri, the pianists Andrea Lucchesini, Gabriele Carcano, Andrea Rebaudengo, Alessandro Stella is Glory Campaner, i Kelemen string quartets is Oistrakh, L'Octet of the Berliner Philharmonker, L'Ensemble Zefiro and hundreds of others.

Not to be forgotten, the conversations entrusted to some of the most appreciated musicologists and popularizers, including Carla Moreni, Giovanni Bietti, Guido Barbieri, Luca Ciammarughi, Angelo Foletto, Oreste Bossini, Stefano Jacini.

18 (+1) the plots to follow, thematic paths and Ariadne's threads that guide you within the rich weaving of the program. To the consolidated plots Casa Mozart, Eco di Monteverdi, Hausmusik, Wunderkammer, On the tracks of the Artist in Residence, Fiumi Barocchi, 'Round Midnight, Solo alla Rotonda, Masterclass & Workshop, Open, Youth Chamber Music Contest & Meeting, A coffee with ... is Panel discussion, the 10-year edition adds other new features: Ars Perfecta, which juxtaposes the late Renaissance Madrigal and the Quartet for Strings by Franz Joseph Haydn in a surprising comparison; Unfinished, focused on the fascination of the unfinished, starting with Schubert's famous Unfinished, composed exactly 200 years ago; Esprit de France which explores the rich musical culture of the Alps; In-song, which focuses on the voice, from sixteenth-century madrigals to Lieder, to contemporary singing.

A further plot one2one, was born as a fundraising initiative: private concerts for a single spectator, each performed by an artist of another level, in the princely Cave of the Secret Garden of Palazzo Te. To win one of these extraordinary concerts, you can participate in an online auction with a minimum stake of € 1,000.

Surprisingly, there is also an unpublished one 19. plot green, TO Sustainable Rhythm - Music for Climate Action', centered on the first execution in Italy of the ambitious project "For Seasons”, Commissioned by the Elb Philharmonie of Hamburg and designed to make you hear the sound of climate change underway. Starting from the very famous Four Seasons of Vivaldi, ''For Seasons'modifies the music on the basis of the work of a team of musicians, software developers and scientists, who for months have been processing scientific data relating to climate change from 1725 - the date of composition - to today, transposing them into notes.


Trame Sonore - Mantova Chamber Music Festival is made by OCM workshop in partnership with the Mantua Ducal Palace Museum Complex and the Municipality of Mantua, and with the collaboration of local realities and companies.

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The 18 plots 2022

The new textures:

one2one (fundraising)
Musical art elevated to extreme essentiality. One musician, one listener, an unrepeatable emotional dialogue. In the magical setting of the Grotto kept in the Secret Garden of Palazzo Te.

Ars Perfecta
A comparison through the centuries between two extraordinary forms of chamber music: the late Renaissance Madrigal and the Quartet for strings by Franz Joseph Haydn, united by the perfection of art and the union of rigor and freedom.

The unfinished compositions have always had a particular charm. The aura of mystery that surrounds them has become part of the very aesthetics of these songs. Alongside the famous last Schubert Symphony, written 200 years ago, there are some of the most surprising unfinished ones.

A path that focuses on the voice, from the sixteenth-century madrigals to the Lieder, from the French chansons to the contemporaneity of Berio.

Esprit de France
In the year in which the 100th anniversary of the death of Marcel Proust and the 200th anniversary of the birth of César Franck are celebrated, France represents a real fil rouge: a large number of concerts draw its many faces, from the Baroque to the twentieth century.

The other textures:

The echo of Monteverdi
The masterpieces of sacred music are closely linked to the history of the city, going back over the centuries to the activity of Palestrina and Monteverdi. Precisely for Santa Barbara, which welcomes this plot, the greatest genius of the late Renaissance conceived some of his masterpieces.

This route traces the map of a Mantua hidden from most people and leads the public among the living rooms and courtyards of noble palaces, where the cardinal principle of the festival is best expressed: bringing chamber music back to its origins, in its chosen places.

In the footsteps of the Artist in Residence
Alexander Lonquich, pianist and conductor, who has always been Artist in Residence of Trame Sonore, once again crosses the festival billboard, tackling some of the greatest chamber and non-chamber masterpieces.

Baroque rivers
The magnificent Sala dei Fiumi of Palazzo Ducale returns to welcome music performed according to the original practice, for an auditory and emotional experience that brings the past to life.

Only at the Rotonda
The repertoire for solo instrument finds its place in the Rotonda di San Lorenzo, located right in the heart of the ancient district of luthiers.

'Round Midnight
Here the circle of every day of the festival comes full circle, crossing the threshold of midnight in music. The daily plots of the 2022 edition and their protagonists converge at the Rotonda di San Lorenzo.

Mozart House
In January 1770 the Counts of Arco welcomed a very young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart into their residence. For Trame Sonore, Palazzo d'Arco is now permanently the Mozart House and this year welcomes chamber music by the Genius of Salzburg and authors of his time.

In this hall of wonders the many and different ramifications of the contemporary musical repertoire are collected, responding to the request not to close the recent production within specialized spaces and to offer a perspective view of the events of musical language.

A coffee with ...
Trame Sonore also offers moments of encounter: in the Garden of Palazzo Castiglioni, artists, musicologists, historians and communicators tell about the music and crafts that revolve around it. And a good coffee, offered, accompanies the listening.

Masterclass / Workshop
To transmit knowledge and experience in making music together but also to contribute to the enrichment of the individual. The lesson of Alfred Brendel, Guest of Honor of the festival, is combined with workshops conducted by Cristian Barbuti, Gloria Campaner and Laura Catrani.

Mantua is an open-air stage city. Following this plot, you walk from Piazza Alberti to the courtyard of the “Baratta” Library, discover the sound of Piazza Santa Barbara and the magic of the Garden of Palazzo Castiglioni. Beauty within everyone's reach and, often, free to use.

The section of the festival dedicated to the chamber musicians of tomorrow was created with the aim of encouraging the practice of chamber music among the very young and favoring confrontation with the great chamber musicians of today.

Panel discussion
A meeting dedicated to operators in the music sector in the historic setting of the BibliotecacTeresiana. This year speakers and experts are called to discuss "The code of entertainment and new perspectives".                                    

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Carlo Fabiano𝄞 Conductor, Violinist Violin Conductor

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Trame Sonore 2022 - 10. Mantova Chamber Music Festival

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