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Turin, Giacomo Puccini's triptych closes the Season of the Teatro Regio, Pinchas Steinberg on the podium
Il tabarro, Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi in the new staging designed by director Tobias Kratzer, in co-production with the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels
Organized by: Teatro Regio Foundation of Turin

Teatro Regio di Torino Foundation Presents

“ Opera and Ballet Season 2023 – 24 ”
The Teatro Regio of Turin completes his tribute to Giacomo Puccini on the centenary of his passing, closing the 2023 – 24 opera season with the famous triptych: The cloak, Sister Angelica is Gianni Schicchi.

On stage since June 21st to July 4th 2024, the new production signed by the German director Tobias Kratzer, with sets and costumes by Rainer Sellmaier and the lights of Bern Purkrabek, is made in co-production with the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie of Brussels. Driving theOrchestra, of the Choir he was born in Children's choir of the Regio returns to the podium of the Turin Lirico Pinchas Steinberg, ideal interpreter of Puccini's Triptych, whose challenges he faces by perceiving the unified breath of the three scores. Choir Master is Ulysses Trabacchin, while the children's choir is instructed by Claudio Fenoglio.

Protagonist of Il tabarro and Gianni Schicchi is Roberto Frontali, while Elena Stikhina is Anna Maria Chiuri they will face the intense characters of Sister Angelica and her aunt the princess.

A unitary work divided into three panels, a single path from darkness towards light, this is how Puccini conceived the triptych, and this is how it is seen by director Kratzer, who rereads the triad in a modern key, enhancing the differences and, at the same time, creating references and connections.

Performed for the first time on 14 December 1918 at the Metropolitan in New York, the Triptych «is like life, at 360 degrees, – states the Superintendent Mathieu Jouvin – there's love, there's drama and there's also the funny side. The three natures and dimensions of love meet here and the triptych is so powerful as to show, in addition to love, all the nuances of emotions and feelings."

The cloak
Drama, passion and social denunciation for The tabard, a tragic story of jealousy and murder set on the banks of the Seine where the heavy sadness of the river accompanies the tiring existence of a defeated people and destroys their dreams and hopes. The romantic love between Michele and Giorgetta has faded. Since the death of their son they have no longer been able to find each other. As he grows older, Michele increasingly observes, in the strenuous work on his barge, the situation of discomfort and desperation that surrounds him. Giorgetta, to forget a past of suffering, pursues her dream of happiness and takes refuge in a passionate relationship with Luigi, her husband's employee. When Michele discovers the secret, disaster strikes: he kills his rival then shows Giorgetta the corpse of his lover, hidden under the cloak with which he himself warmed her in his happiest moments. The protagonists are the baritone Roberto Fontali like Michele, the soprano Elena Stikhina like Giorgetta and the tenor Samuele Simoncini like Luigi. The cast is completed with: Annunziata Vestri (The Frugola), Roberto Covatta (The Tinca), Gianfranco Montresor (The Mole), Lucrezia Drei is Matteo Mezzaro (Young lovers) and the soloist of the Regio Ensemble Enrico Maria Piazza (Song salesman).


Sister Angelica
Sister Angelica it is the central panel of Puccini's Triptych. It is a "monastic" opera, as Puccini himself defined it, made up of repressed passions, unfulfilled desires and expiation. Set in a monastery at the end of the 1600s, the composition is, in fact, a tribute to female vocality, as the cast is made up of only women. The booklet tells the sad story of Sister Angelica, a nun as a punishment, forced to atone for the birth of her child, born out of wedlock. When, in a violent and dramatic confrontation with her aunt the princess, Sister Angelica learns of her son's death, she decides to kill herself, relying on a divine sign and finding comfort in the sounds of celestial choirs. In the title role Sister Angelica sings the soprano Elena Stikhina, the alto Anna Maria Chiuri  plays the princess aunt; also in the cast Tineke Van Ingelgem (The Nurse Nun and The Novice Mistress), Annunziata Vestri (The zealous nun), Lucrezia Drei (Sister Genovieffa), Monica Bacelli (The abbess).


Gianni Schicchi
Since the debut Gianni Schicchi – a comedy inspired by an episode of the Inferno of Dante's Divine Comedy – has always been the most popular work of the Triptych. Before then Puccini had never tackled the comic genre, despite the fact that in his previous works he had included some sketches painted with humorous wickedness; that same humor was used in Gianni Schicchi to portray a whole gallery of characters. The work is characterized by the almost constant presence of a sort of chamber choir, made up of the relatives of the deceased Buoso Donati, who have gathered to watch over his body. The hypocritical weeping over the old man's disappearance stops as soon as it is discovered that he has left all his wealth to charity. Buoso's nephew, Rinuccio, suggests seeking advice from a resourceful man, Gianni Schicchi, father of his girlfriend Lauretta. Upon his arrival, Schicchi immediately has the body hidden and, getting into bed disguised as Buoso, calls the notary to dictate a new will. The Donatis, in turn, try to bribe Schicchi to obtain the best properties of the deceased but, at the end, they understand that the man has defrauded everyone by reserving those assets for himself. Fearful of being condemned as accomplices to the scam, Buoso's family decides to withdraw without protesting. Schicchi actually acted for a good purpose: all his possessions will one day belong to his daughter and her betrothed, Rinuccio. In the main roles they sing Roberto Frontali, Gianni Schicchi, Lucrezia Drei Lauretta, Elena Zilio Zita, Matteo Mezzaro Rinuccio.  
Turin, Giacomo Puccini's triptych closes the Season of the Teatro Regio, Pinchas Steinberg on the podium


Pinchas Steinberg conductor
Tobias Kratzer direction

Ludivine Petit resumption of directing
Rainer Sellmaier sets and costumes
Clara Hertel shooting scenes and costumes
Bern Purkrabek lights
Gianni Bertoli light recovery
Manuel Braun video

Claudio Fenoglio Children's Choir Master
Ulysses Trabacchin choir master

Orchestra and Chorus Teatro Regio Torino
Children's choir Teatro Regio Torino

New layout Teatro Regio Turin
in co-production with Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels


The triptych 
Music by Giacomo Puccini

The cloak
Drama in one act | Libretto by Giuseppe Adami

Sister Angelica
Opera in one act | Libretto by Giovacchino Forzano

Gianni Schicchi
Opera in one act | Libretto by Giovacchino Forzano


June 21, 2024 at 7.30 pm 'before'
performances 23, 30 June at 3pm
25, 27 June and 2, 4 July at 7.30pm

Who organizes

Teatro Regio Foundation of TurinThe Teatro Regio of Turin… more

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