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Ponchielli Theater • Cremona
The Ponchielli Theater is the largest theater in Cremona, with a history dating back to 1747, when the first theater building was erected in the same place. The current one, designed by Luigi Canonica, was inaugurated in 1808 and restored in 1824 following a fire. Theater of Tradition, Ponchielli has been managed by a Foundation since 2003.


The Season of the Ponchielli Theater comprehends Opera, Dance, Music, Theater in dialogue with each other, the MonteverdiFestival, dedicated to the great composer Claudio Monteverdi and the Baroque repertoire, the OltreiBanchi children's theater season. The Theater also hosts pop music concerts and other events.

The Amilcare Ponchielli Theater of Cremona has a long history, which began 275 years ago, when a group of nobles decided to equip the city with a new theater, to replace the various rooms, somehow provisional, and in any case disappeared, which had preceded it. The design was entrusted to Giovanni Battista Zaist, Cremonese architect belonging to the circle of the Bibbiena Gauls, a famous dynasty of architects and scenographers. Opened in 1747 with the name of "Nazari Theater " (from the noble GB Nazari who provided the funds for the construction and became the owner), in 1785, when it was bought by the boxers following the death of the Marquis (1784), it changed the name to "Theater of the Society "or of the" Noble Association".

In 1806 a serious fire reduced the building to ashes, as frequently happened in eighteenth-century theaters, generally built in wood. The condominiums decided to immediately reconstruct it, entrusting the project to the most famous theatrical architect of the moment, Luigi Canonica, who was inspired by his teacher Giuseppe Piermarini, but with different original contributions. Canonica built one of the most remarkable theaters of the time, with a horseshoe-shaped hall, four tiers of boxes and a gallery, and one of the largest stages in Italy. Completed in 1808, assumed the name of Concordia Theater.

The night of January 6th 1824 a new fire partially destroyed the structure, immediately restored by the architects Faustino Rhodes is Luigi Voghera in the form it still retains today.

After the death of the illustrious composer from Cremona Amilcare Ponchielli in January 1886, the theater was called 'Concordia-Ponchielli', to then assume, on 12 March 1907, the definitive denomination of Amilcare Ponchielli Theater.

Recognized as a Theater of Tradition since 1967, the Municipality of Cremona acquired the property in 1986, and from 1989 the Ponchielli Theater has undergone radical restoration, restoration and technological adaptation interventions.

Initially managed by the Municipality itself, from 2003 management passed into the hands of Ponchielli Theater Foundation, subject of private law with autonomous legal personality.

Ponchielli Theater • Cremona
The facade neoclassical of the Theater, the work of Luigi Canonica, has a pronaos supported by four Ionic columns, through which one enters the foyer and to stalls. Thereinternal, with a horseshoe plan, three tiers of boxes, gallery and gallery, is decorated with gold and ivory stuccoes.

The Reduced, located on the third tier of the boxes, is marked by two large columns and houses the bust of Amilcare Ponchielli, to whom the adjacent one is dedicated Red room, where two tools used by him are exhibited.

Remarkable is the historical curtain, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. Made in 1891 by the Cremonese painter Antonio Rizzi (Cremona 1869 - Florence 1940), has impressive dimensions, seven meters by eleven. It is painted in oil on canvas and depicts The allegory of the History of Music.

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