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Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa in Savona
The Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa was founded in Genoa in 1956 as the "Centro Culturale Sperimentale Lirico Sinfonico", and since 1986 its name has been permanently linked to that of Savona. In 2003 it obtained recognition as a traditional theatre, the only one in Liguria.

The Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa, located in the heart of Genoa, is an emblem of tradition and innovation in the Italian artistic panorama. Founded in 1956 as the "Centro Culturale Sperimentale Lirico Symfonico", this theater has always had as its objective the promotion of productions of great historical and cultural importance.

The Theater has always shown a strong inclination towards the discovery of new talents in the world of opera, offering a platform for new emerging voices. In 1975, it obtained the status of “Moral Institution” and, in 1979, it undertook a new direction under the guidance of Dr. Tito Gallacci. Since then, the Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa has gained a prominent position not only in Italy, but also internationally, thanks to its dedication to the rediscovery and valorization of rare works, often staged for the first time in the modern era .

In 1986, the Theater consolidated its bond with the city of Savona, collaborating closely with the Municipal Administration. His productions, hosted in the prestigious Teatro Comunale G. Chiabrera, have crossed the Liguria Region, from East to West. This cultural commitment was recognized in 1996, when the Liguria Region awarded the Theater the qualification of "Cultural Institution of Regional Interest".

In the following years, the Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa expanded its repertoire, presenting challenging works by the greatest composers, both Italian and international. In 2003, with a decree from Minister Giuliano Urbani, the Theater was officially recognized as "Theatre of Tradition", a title reserved for theaters that have given a significant boost to local artistic and musical traditions. This prestigious recognition is held by just over twenty theaters in Italy, with the Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa standing out as the only one in Liguria.

The artistic direction of the Theater was subsequently entrusted to Maestro Giovanni Di Stefano, who has also been its President in office since December 2015. The collaboration with the City of Savona led, in the summer of 2004, to the organization of a special season at the Priamàr Fortress, a monument of great historical and architectural value, known for having hosted Giuseppe Mazzini in 1830-31, a period in which he conceived of Giovine Italia.

Since 2018, the Theater has further enriched its staff with the appointment of the great Savonese soprano Renata Scotto as Artistic Consultant. Scotto collaborated regularly with the Theatre, and contributed to the staging of operas as a director and to the musical training of young emerging singers.

The Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa embodies excellence in the opera scene, both in Italy and internationally.

Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa in Savona
In the 1840s, the city's growing population and the limited capacity of existing theaters led to the need for new theater space. On 8 October 1850, the mayor Giacomo Cassisis approved the construction of the theater with an investment of £90,000. Three years later, on 1 October 1853, the theater opened its doors with Giuseppe Verdi's Attila.

In the second half of the 19th century, the Chiabrera became a point of reference for opera, but not only: numerous dramatic and various art theater companies also performed there. Among these, the company of the famous actor Ernesto Rossi stood out.

The theater underwent its first restoration in 1883, with the transformation of the top tier boxes into a gallery. A second renovation took place between 1954 and 1963, a period in which the boxes were definitively eliminated.

Christmas Eve 1952 marked a memorable moment for the theater: the debut of the young soprano from Savona Renata Scotto, who played Violetta in Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata.

In 1967, the management of the theater passed into the hands of the Municipality, which still maintains it today. Since 1986, the Chiabrera Theater has become the home of the Teatro dell'Opera Giocosa, recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as a Theater of Tradition, and is dedicated to the production of opera and symphonic seasons.

However, the theater also faced difficult times. On October 11, 1999, a portion of the ceiling fresco fell, shattering into approximately 2,000 pieces. This accident led to a thorough restoration between 2002 and 2005.

The sculptures that adorn the facade of the theater are works by well-known artists. On the pedestals we find “Carlo Goldoni” and “Vittorio Alfieri” by the sculptor Santo Varni, while in the niches “Metastasio” and “Gioacchino Rossini” by the sculptor Antonio Brilla are depicted. In the center of the pediment, the high relief depicts “Gabriello Chiabrera” presenting the poem “Amadeide” to Duke Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy, also a work by Antonio Brilla. Above the frame of the pediment stands “Apollo Citaredo”, sculpted by Giovanni Battista Frumento.

Finally, the large windows above the entrances illuminate the Theater Ridotto, a multifunctional space where concerts, conferences and public and private parties are held.

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