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Municipal Theater of Ferrara
From music to poetry, from figurative arts to architecture, in 1400 Ferrara became one of the most active European cultural centers, and it is in this climate of great intellectual fervor that modern theater was born.


"Ferrara Musica a casa tua" is the title of the project that the concert association promotes between the beginning of April and the first half of May, using digital technologies and mixing the types of events, alongside concerts also listening guides , lectures and in-depth videos.

At the beginning the theater was also the site of dancing parties and meeting point. Part of the stalls was occupied by mobile furniture, the space next to the stage reserved for the orchestra, located up to the center.
Along the perimeter there was a railing behind which there were standing places.
Immediately after the inauguration, the railing is removed and benches are inserted.
The decoration of the auditorium, entrusted in 1791 to Serafino Barozzi, was renewed in the first half of the nineteenth century on the occasion of the first renovations and adaptations. A first group of works was carried out in 1825-1826 by the Milanese figurist Angelo Monticelli, but the most significant intervention was the one carried out after 25 years by Francesco Migliari. After taking part in the restorations of 1825, Migliari had created a painted curtain in 1833 whose subject is inspired by Orlando Furioso.

From construction up to the 1900s, the surrounding areas of the theater act as meeting points.
It was only in the twentieth century that an audience similar to that of today (which has 298 seats) was created.

In 1928 the orchestra pit was built and the inclination of the proscenium level increased.
Recent interventions: in 1987 a wooden floor was built; in 1995 the inclination of the stalls floor with respect to the stage was increased and the armchairs were repositioned, in 1996 a platform was installed for the preparation of the orchestral pit. In 2001 the air conditioning system was completed.

Municipal Theater of Ferrara
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