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Teatro Carlo Felice, Mozart's Idomeneo is staged for the first time in Genoa 243 years after its debut
The jewel that consecrated the 25-year-old Mozart is presented in the strong visual impact setup designed by Matthias Hartmann for La Scala
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Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa Presents

“Opera Season 2023 – 24”
TO Genoa he arrives Idomeneo of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, incredibly for the first time almost two and a half centuries after its debut in 1781 in Munich. An event that will remain in the annals of Carlo Felice Theater, which stages the opera, in its first ever performance for Genoa, from 16 February to 25 February 2024 for four performances.

On the podium of theOrchestra and Chorus of the Carlo Felice Opera salt Richard Minasi, musical director of the Theatre, while the staging, coming from La Scala, bears the signature of the director Matthias Hartmann, with scenes from Volker Hintermeier  and the costumes of Malte Lübben; the choreographies are by Reginaldo Oliveira, and the lights of Mathias Marker is Valerius Tiberi. Choir master is Claudio Marine Moretti, the Ballet it is that of Dance and Entertainment Training Foundation “For Dance” ETS.

The protagonists of the opera will be given life by a talented singing company, made up of Antonio Poly (Idomeneo), Cecilia Molinari (Idamante), Benedetta Tower (Ilia), Lenneke Ruiten (Electra), George Misseri (Arbace), Blagoj Nacoski (High Priest), Ugo Guagliardo (Voice of Neptune), Lucia Nicotra / Maria Letizia Poltini (Two Cretans), Damiano Perfume / Franco Rios Castro (Two Trojans).

«The appointment with Idomeneo, in its first performance in Genoa, – says the superintendent Claudio Horatii – follows the enormous success achieved by the recent production of Madama Butterfly, with 12,000 spectators present over the six performances. There is great anticipation for Mozart's masterpiece directed by Riccardo Minasi, leading a splendid singing company, with a show of great visual power by director Matthias Hartmann. At the same time as Idomeneo, the Theater is engaged at the Royal Opera House in Muscat in Oman with two performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Benjamin Britten (9 and 10 February), after the great success that the production achieved for the inauguration of the Opera season last October.»

Idomeneo, a drama for music in three acts, was composed by Mozart between 1780 and 1781 commissioned by Prince Charles Theodore of Bavaria for the Munich Carnival Season. The writing of the booklet was entrusted to the abbot Gianbattista Varesco, chaplain to the archbishop of Salzburg, who drew inspiration from the tragédie-lyrique Idoménée by Antoine Danchet, set to music by André Campra in 1712. The opera was successful since its debut in January 1781 in the splendid Court Theater of Munich: it was the great consecration of Mozart, then twenty-five years old, in the field of serious opera.

The story revolves around Idomeneo, king of Crete returning to his homeland after the fall of Troy, and his son Idamante. Due to a vow made to Neptune, the father is forced to sacrifice his son, after having tried in vain to make him escape from the island; in the happy ending it is the god himself who prevents the horrible deed, and Idamante is crowned king. The main themes are deeply rooted in Greek literature and mythology: the complicated father-son bond, loves thwarted by political contingencies, the relationship between men and gods are addressed.

In the composition Mozart had as his main reference the Italian serious opera, from which he took up the structure based on the alternation between arias and recitatives. In this Metastasian dramaturgy, the composer included vast concertatos and numerous accompanied recitatives which give continuity to the dramatic action. The score then stands out for the plastic representation of the characters, differentiated in vocal styles, and outlined with a completely new psychological finesse.

On a dramatic level, the action takes place at a rapid pace and the presence, alongside the protagonists, of the choir and the dance troupe is significant, which in this production also take on a symbolic meaning. Matthias Hartmann's direction takes inspiration in particular from the "Sturm und Drang" elements that dot the score - it should be remembered that while Mozart composed Idomeneo, Schiller wrote I masnadieri (1782). Scenes, costumes, choreography and lights, of great visual impact, create a dense setting, where the supernatural and divine elements of the narrative plot fully emerge. At the center of the unique scene are the wreck of a ship and the head of a bull - an important reference to the figure of the minotaur and the rites of the Minoan civilisation.
Teatro Carlo Felice, Mozart's Idomeneo is staged for the first time in Genoa 243 years after its debut


Main characters and performers
Idomeneo Antonio Poli
Idamante Cecilia Molinari
Ilia Benedetta Torre
Electra Lenneke Ruiten
Arbace Giorgio Misseri
High Priest Blagoj Nacoski

Concert master
and conductor
Richard Minasi
Simone Ori (25)

Direction Matthias Hartmann
Scenes Volker Hintermeier
Costumes Malte Lübben
Choreographies Reginaldo Oliveira
Lights Mathias Marker / Valerio Tiberi

Orchestra, Choir and technicians of the Carlo Felice Opera
Choir Master Claudio Marino Moretti

Ballet Dance Training and Entertainment Foundation “For Dance” ETS

Installation by the Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa


Drama for music in three acts by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

on booklet by Gianbattista Varesco


16 February 2024 at 8pm 'before'
repeat performances, 18 and 25 February at 3pm
February 20th at 8pm

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