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Stradivari Festival 2022 • Cremona
A parade of stars for the 10th anniversary special edition: among the protagonists of the exhibition, Joshua Bell, Laura Marzadori, the brothers Massimo and Alessandro Quarta, Vinicio Capossela; in November, recital by Sergej Krylov, Anna Tifu on stage for Stradivari Memorial Day in December
TO Cremona it will be an autumn in music with the return of Stradivarius Festivals: from 8 to 23 October 2022 the review, directed by Roberto Codazzi, will bring a parade of stars to the city to celebrate the 10 years with a'special edition: L'Arvedi Auditorium of the Violin Museum will welcome great artists, from Alessandro and Massimo Quarta to the String Quartet of the Scala, from Vinicio Capossela to Laura Marzadori is Andrés Gabetta up to the highly acclaimed Joshua Bell.

To the six concerts of the Stradivari Festival the usual will be added November appendix that he will bring to the stage Sergej Krylov, artist in residence of the review, and lo Stradivari Memorial Day of the December 18, which in this edition sees the protagonist Anna Tifu.

The X Stradivari Festival It kicks off Saturday 8 October 2022 (9 pm) with a particular project, Fourth Bros, which brings the brothers together on stage Alessandro and Massimo Quarta, violinists extraordinarily similar in talent, but totally different in their respective stylistic paths. In their debut at the Stradivari Festival, they will be joined byAgon Ensemble, historical Cremonese chamber group that is reborn for the occasion, directed by Simonide Braconi. Scheduled for Concerto for two violins in D minor of Bach and that in A minor of Antonio Vivaldi, next to three world premieres, from Silvia Colasanti, Simonide Braconi and of the same Alessandro Quarta.

Sunday October 9 (6 pm) the program Theater in the Room stars the String Quartet of the Scala and the virtuoso of the piano Giuseppe Albanese: playing with the nineteenth-century repertoire, they will propose a chamber music masterpiece by Brahms, the famous Quintet in F minor, flanked by two transcriptions of famous opera pages, one Fantasy from Rigoletto for strings, signed by Antonio Melchiori, first violin of the Teatro alla Scala at the time of Verdi, and the spectacular paraphrase on the Norma by Vincenzo Bellini masterpiece of Franz Liszt.

A surprising appointment is the one scheduled for the following weekend: Saturday October 15 (9 pm) the singer-songwriter will take the stage Vinicio Capossela, which proposes its original and ironic musical transposition of the imaginative Bestiary of Love: compared to the record version made with the symphony orchestra, at the Auditorium Arvedi Capossela presents his work in a more intimate version, with Raffaele Tiseo on the violin and Giovannangelo De Gennaro to the vihuela.

Sunday October 16 (6 pm), tribute to female talent with the violinist Laura Marzadori, one of the most shining musicians of the Italian concert scene, very young and already invested with the role of "shoulder" of the noble Orchestra della Scala, and with theMediterranean Female Orchestra, direct training from Antonella De Angelis which stood out for the beauty of the sound and the originality of the repertoire. Their program alternates two great baroque pages, the Concerto Grosso in D minor op. 3 n.1 of Antonio Vivaldi and the Concerto in E major for violin and orchestra BWV 1042 of Johann Sebastian Bach, to a twentieth-century rarity, the Big concert of Vittorio Giannini, American composer of Italian origin, to finish with a contemporary piece, the Mediterranean Breviary for Violin and Orchestra (2019) by Diego Conti.

Music has no boundaries, as the overwhelming demonstrates Baroque Tango scheduled for Saturday October 22 (9 pm), which brings together two virtuosos - the Argentine violinist Andrés Gabetta is Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi al bandoneon - and the Quintet of the Royal Academy of London, in an exciting concert that opens with the baroque of Henry Purcell and unravels alternating Vivaldi to Piazzolla, the 'Concert for Mrs. Anna Maria' to the Great Tango, 'The sea storm' at the 'Spring porteña'.

The Stradivari Festival 2022 closes on Sunday October 23 (6 pm) with a grand finale, the debut at the Arvedi Auditorium of Joshua Bell, one of the most famous and acclaimed violinists in the world. The American star of the bow appears in duo with the pianist Peter Dugan, designing a program that spans from the nineteenth century to the historic twentieth century, with pearls like the Sonata No. 2 in A major of Beethoven, there Sonata in D minor “Grosse Sonate" from Robert Schumann and the Sonata No. 3 in G minor of Claude Debussy.

The traditional November appendix the exhibition is again the prerogative of the artist in residence, the acrobatic Sergej Krylov, which every year renews its "Krylov Violin Project". In this edition the darling of the Cremonese public has chosen to debut in recital with the very young pianist Alexandra Dovgan, who at the age of 15 has already won numerous prestigious competitions and enjoyed success in the most renowned concert halls. Scheduled for Friday November 18 (9 pm), the concert presents three Sonatas, op. 137 n. 1 of Schubert, 'Spring' from Beethoven and the Sonata in A major of César Franck.

Finally, the December 18, 2022, as every year it is celebrated Stradivari Memorial Day, a tribute to the great Cremonese luthier on the anniversary of his death on 18 December 1737. For the occasion, the brilliant violinist Anna Tifu will sound the so-called Cremonese 1715, masterpiece by Antonio Stradivari, considered the most precious and famous violin in the collections of the Violin Museum. To support the extraordinary soloist, the group Latin Antiqua Music, internationally recognized baroque ensemble on original instruments, founded in 2000 by the conductor and cellist Giordano Antonelli. The program includes, among others, pieces by Tarquinius Merula, Francesco Maria Veracini, Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Tartini.


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The complete program

Saturday 8 October 2022 21 hours
Fourth Bros
Alessandro Quarta violin
Massimo Quarta violin
Agon Ensemble
Simonide Braconi director

Sunday 9 October 2022 18 hours
Theater in the Room
String Quartet of the Scala:
Francesco Manara violin
Daniele Pascoletti violin
Simonide Braconi Violet
Massimo Polidori cello

Giuseppe Albanese piano

Saturday 15 October 2022 21 hours
Bestiary of Love
Vinicio Capossela voice and piano
Raffaele Tiseo violin
Giovannangelo De Gennaro vihuela and aulophones

Sunday 16 October 2022 18 hours
Concerto Grosso between past and future
Laura Marzadori violin
Mediterranean Female Orchestra
Antonella De Angelis director

Saturday 22nd October 2022 21 hours
Baroque Tango
Andrés Gabetta violin
Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi bandoneon
Quintet of the London Royal Academy

Sunday 23 October 2022 18 hours
Sonata between Classic and Romantic
Joshua Bell violin
Peter Dugan piano


Friday 18 November 2022 21 hours
KVP - Krylov Violin Project
Sergej Krylov violin
Alexandra Dovgan piano

Sunday 18 December 2022 18 hours
Stradivari Memorial Day
Anna Tifu violin
Latin Antiqua Music

All concerts take place at the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium 

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Stradivari Festival 2022 • Cremona

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