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Ryan McAdams on the podium of the Orchestra della Toscana, at the piano Pietro De Maria, for the Concerts of the Busoni Center in Empoli
Mendelssohn, Montgomery, Saint-Saëns are on the program
Organized by: Centro Studi Musicali Ferruccio Busoni

Centro Studi Musicali Ferruccio Busoni Presents

"Concerts 2022"
L'Orchestra of Tuscany directed by Ryan McAdams with Pietro De Maria at the piano, proposes a triplet of concerts, arriving at the Palace of Expositions of Empoli the March 18 (9 pm), after the stages of Florence (March 15 at the Verdi Theater) e Poggibonsi (March 16 at the Politeama Theater).

The evening, included in the "Concerts 2022" of the Busoni Center, opens with the contemporary piece Instrument of Jessie Montgomery, embeds the Concert n. 2 for piano and orchestra of Camille Saint-Saëns and ends with the famous Scottish symphony of Felix Mendelssohn.

On the podium he will go up Ryan McAdams, an American maestro who has a strong affinity with the music of the present. Here you will be able to demonstrate it by facing it Instrument (2012) of his compatriot Jessie Montgomery, violist and teacher who created this page to play it herself with the chamber groups to which she belongs, including the Sphinx Viruosi, which support the cultural and professional growth of young African American and Latin musicians. Ryan McAdams, initiated into his career by James Levine and Lorin Maazel, today he is a director with a consolidated international activity. He leads the Crash Ensemble, an Irish ensemble specializing in contemporary music, and maintains a close collaboration with the RAI National Symphony Orchestra.

The Concert n. 2 op. 22 of Camille Saint-Saëns, composed in 1868, famous and exquisite work, leads again to collaborate with the ORT Pietro De Maria, pianist with a precious technique, one of the last pupils of Maria Tipo with whom he perfected himself at the Geneva Conservatory. Today he is in the teaching team of the project The School of Maria Tipo of the Pinerolo Academy of Music.

His intense concert activity sees him as a soloist with prestigious orchestras and conductors such as Roberto Abbado, Gary Bertini, Myung-Whun Chung, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Daniele Gatti, Alan Gilbert, Eliahu Inbal, Marek Janowski, Ton Koopman, Michele Mariotti, Ingo Metzmacher, Gianandrea Noseda, Corrado Rovaris, Yutaka Sado, Sándor Végh.

The famous program closes Symphony n. 3 op. 56Scottish" Of Felix Mendelssohn, an evocation in notes of a land that the German composer often frequented and loved very much. In Scotland he could see the quintessence of the romantic landscape: the unstable, misty climate, the storms, the stormy sea, the arcane charm of the voices of the bagpipes. The spark that gave birth to the score was the visit made in 1829 to the ruins of the chapel where Mary Stuart was crowned, whose tragic biographical story - recalled to the nineteenth-century audience by Schiller's drama - had already ignited Mendelssohn's imagination. The more than ten-year gestation of the composition (dedicated to Queen Victoria) led to a profound reflection on the general structure of the symphony, which preserves the four traditional movements inherited from classicism, but, novelty, to achieve unity it connects them to each other, without solution of continuity, requiring the conductor, once the stick has been raised, not to lower it to the last note.


(Ryan McAdams photocredit © Marco Borrelli, Pietro De Maria, photocredit © Leonardo Ferri)
Ryan McAdams on the podium of the Orchestra della Toscana, at the piano Pietro De Maria, for the Concerts of the Busoni Center in Empoli


Ryan McAdams director
Pietro De Maria piano
Orchestra of Tuscany


Jessie Montgomery
Strum (2012)
Camille Saint-Saëns
Concert n. 2 for piano and orchestra op. 22
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Symphony n. 3 op. 56 'Scottish'


Other dates:
March 15 at 9 pm, Florence Teatro Verdi
March 16 at 9 pm, Politeama Theater

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