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Roma Sinfonietta, the 2023-24 Concert Season at the University of Tor Vergata
20 concerts are scheduled, from baroque to contemporary music to jazz; among the guests, the pianists Ramin Bahrami, Maurizio Baglini, Giuseppe Albanese, Danilo Rea, the String Quartet of the Teatro alla Scala, the Guadagnini Quartet
Organized by: Roma Sinfonietta Association
Full €12 | Reduced price for over 65s and university staff €8 | Students €5

Roma Sinfonietta Presents Association

Great music returns toUniversity of Tor Vergata: the Concert season 2023/24 organized byAssociation Roma Sinfonietta with the artistic direction of Luigi Lanzillotta offers a rich and varied program in which each event presents a particular reason of interest.

I am twenty concerts scheduled in the Ennio Morricone Auditorium of the second Roman state university, from 18 October 2023 to 30 May 2024, always on Wednesdays at 6pm (but the concerts on May 29th and 30th start at 8pm).

The new season ranges from Monteverdi, Vivaldi is Bach to Morricone, from Mozart is Beethoven to the twentieth century, not forgetting the jazz and the tango, also opening up to intersections with the literature and the painting. Quartets, pianists, ensembles and soloists alternate on stage, including the String Quartet of the Teatro alla Scala, famous pianists like the Iranian Ramin Bahrami, Maurizio Bagliini, Giuseppe Albanese, Danilo Rhea, and many other excellent musicians.

Some concerts will be introduced by Anna Rolling: it has in fact turned out that the most frequent request from the public is a short and informal preparation for listening, which helps them better understand the music they are about to listen to.


The program

The inaugural concert on Wednesday October 18 will see theRoma Sinfonietta Orchestra directed by Fabio Masters, who chose the enchanting for the occasion Serenade of Tchaikovsky and one of the best-known pieces of Paganini, the Concert n. 1, with the splendid violin of Vincenzo Meat sauce. The program concludes with one of the most brilliant composers of the end of the last century, the Hungarian György Ligeti.

The October 25 the ensemble Latin Antiqua Music directed by Giordano Antonelli presents the very famous Fight of Tancred and Clorinda, composed of Claudio Monteverdi on the verses of Jerusalem liberated of Torquated Badger. Overcoming the old scheme of the contrast between Christians and Muslims, the seventeenth-century Italian masterpiece will dialogue with the poet Aṭṭār Nishapuri and the musician Abdul Qadir Maraghî, who lived in Persia around 1200 and 1400 respectively.

The concert ofNovember 8 is centered on an even different musical world: dedicated to Ennio Morricone, will be performed by a group of instrumentalists from Roma Sinfonietta, which Morricone himself conducted in many concerts all over the world, together with the young people of Pessoa Quartet. The program includes his music for well-known films and other less well-known but no less beautiful ones.

The program cannot miss the main group of chamber music, namely the quartet, a group for which the major composers of the last 250 years have written some of their most beautiful and important works. An honored guest of the Season in Tor Vergata is String quartet of the Teatro alla Scala, which in the last two events (May 29th and 30th) will start the full execution of the Beethoven quartets, replicating the concerts he will perform at La Scala in the previous days. And he will return in the following two seasons to complete this formidable Beethoven cycle.

The Guadagnini Quartet, which in 2014 won the Abbiati Award from Italian music critics as the best ensemble of the year, instead dedicates its concert to Shostakovich, whose splendid quartets were a secret way to escape the pressing constraints of the Soviet regime (December 6).

A flagship concert is dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach and to his son Carl Philipp Emanuel, who was better known and appreciated than his father at the time: an exceptional duo played, made up of the flautist Massimo Mercelli and by the Iranian pianist Ramin Bahrami, forced to emigrate by the ayatollah regime and became one of the greatest interpreters of Bach, to whom he also dedicated a successful book, How Bach saved my life (November 15).

The following week, the November 22, you will listen to the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven presented in the brilliant piano reinterpretation of Franz Liszt. He'll play it Maurizio Baglini, one of the few pianists capable of tackling the transcendental difficulties of this piece, which he has performed more than a hundred times in Europe, America and Asia.

Two very famous ones Sonatas of Beethoven are entrusted to another excellent pianist, Joseph Albanian, winner of numerous international competitions and artist of the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label. He will propose them in his recital of February 21, 2024, along with songs by Busoni is Schoenberg.

Other music with another great Italian pianist, Danilo Rea, that the March 6 he will naturally play jazz music, but not only that.

Still jazz with the quartet by Roberto Gatto, who has few rivals on drums (March 27), and with the quintet by Gabriele Coen, who dedicates his concert to Leonard Bernstein, a brilliant musician who was perfectly at home in both jazz and classical (April 24).

The saxophonist Marco Albonetti and theEnsemble Roma Sinfonietta the March 13 will invite you to a musical journey into the world of tango and cinema with the music of Gardel, Piazzolla, Morricone, Rota, Galliano is Gato Barbers.

The rich Season proposed by Roma Sinfonietta features many other excellent musicians, both as soloists and as members of an ensemble:

Alessandro Carbonare, an extraordinary clarinetist whom Claudio Abbado wanted to record Mozart's Concerto, the 10 April it sounds Gershwin, Poulenc, Shostakovich and other greats of the twentieth century, in a trio with the violinist Elisa Eleonora Papandrea and the pianist Monaldo Braconi;

The Cameristi of Santa Cecilia, an ensemble made up of six "first parts" of the Roman orchestra, in the concert ofMay 8 they will perform music by Vivaldi, Mozart and his French contemporary Devienne;

other first parts of Santa Cecilia and other renowned orchestras the may 22 they will give life to a quintet of stringed instruments with Luca Pincini concertmaster; they will range from Pachelbel is Hayd to the twentieth century Respighi up to the present day with the Japanese Michiru Oshima, known for its music for successful films.

Some concerts have a special program. The Christmas concert offers sacred music of Vivaldi performed byEnsemble Roma Sinfonietta and from Choir Claudio Casini of the University, directed by Stephen Cucci (13 December);

The soprano Chiara Taigi and the pianist Antonello Maio they revive a 19th century musical lounge with the fascinating novels of Tosti, Rossini, greens is Mascagni (March 20th);

Poetry, Painting, Music is the title of an intriguing concert which presents the first ever performance of music by Lucio Gregoretti, composed on the verses of some poets depicted in the portraits created by the Roman artist Wilhelmina Otter (April 17).

Music by contemporary authors also in the concert November 29 dedicated to Italo Calvino, whose centenary of birth will be celebrated in 2023: theEnsemble Roma Sinfonietta directed by Fabio Masters, accompanied by the narrator of Francis Trifilium, will propose three electronic compositions created by Giovanni Costantini, Giorgio Nottoli is Riccardo Santoboni taking inspiration from Palomar, one of the writer's most famous novels. Four complete the evening Pop Songs of Marcello Panni, which include splendid and much-loved passages from operas by Handel, Rossini, Verdi and Massenet.

(Photo below, Massimo Mercelli and Ramin Bahrami)
Roma Sinfonietta, the 2023-24 Concert Season at the University of Tor Vergata

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