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Special Event – Summer
Rome, Cinderella at the Caracalla Festival, a ballet classic reinterpreted by Rudolf Nureyev
Prokofiev's masterpiece, directed by Alessandro Cadario, replaces the previously announced Strictly Gershwin play
Organized by: Rome Opera Foundation

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma Foundation Presenta

“ Caracalla Festival 2023 ”
The masterpiece of Sergej Prokofiev, Cinderella, opens the dance programming of Caracalla Festival 2023, the summer season of Rome Opera House; will be staged in overtime Great Theater of the ancient Roman baths from 1st to 4th July.

The famous and beloved ballet is proposed in the sparkling version of Rudolf Nuriev, which revisits the fairy tale by setting it in Hollywood of the Thirties: an abused girl, on the run from an alcoholic father and an odious stepmother, is discovered by a great film producer capable of transforming a pumpkin into a flaming Rolls Royce; the maiden makes her big screen debut and wins the heart of the lead actor, escaping her miserable fate and seeing her dreams come true.

«The mechanisms of Perrault's fairy tale have not changed – Nureyev declared – All the drama of Cinderella stems from the fear of seeing her dream collapse, which here has become a cinematic dream. A dream of a white dress, slightly tinged with pink to pay homage to innocence, and a touch of glitter because Cinderella is a character in today's world, she only dreams of one thing: to become a star».

The Corps de ballet of the Rome Opera House, directed by Eleonora Abbagnato, presents for the first time the modern reinterpretation of Nureyev, created in 1986 for the Paris Opéra; Sergej Prokofiev's score is entrusted to the baton of the young conductor Alessandro Cadario, at his debut with the orchestra of the Lirico capitolino.

It will be up to Rebecca Bianchi to revive Cinderella's emotions and dreams on stage. Michele Satriano will be her prince, while Alessio Rezza the film producer. The two stepsisters Alessandra Amato is Susanna Salvi they will take dance lessons from the master Claudius Cocino. The staging of the Opéra National in Paris is signed by Petrika Ionesco for scenes and Hanae Moriper the costumes. The lights are taken care of by Jean-Michel Désiré and videos from Igor Renzetti. In Nureyev's version in three acts, taken from Aleth Francillon, Gillian Whittingham is Benjamin Pech with the supervision of Eleonora Abbagnato, Prokofiev's score is kept in its entirety.

«The music – the composer had stated – introduces the character of Cinderella through three themes: the first of which depicts a humiliated Cinderella, the second a dreamy Cinderella, the third, a broad theme, Cinderella in love and happy». Painstakingly composed between 1940 and 1944, the ballet was staged at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on November 21, 1945 with choreography by Rostislav Zakharov and libretto by Nikolai Volkov.

(In the images, Cinderella, Opéra National de Paris, photocredit ©Focusart)


The show replaces the expected Strictly Gershwin, which cannot go on stage due to the choreographer's health problems Derek Deane.
Rome, Cinderella at the Caracalla Festival, a ballet classic reinterpreted by Rudolf Nureyev


Director Alessandro Cadario
Choreography and direction Rudolf Nureyev

Supervision Eleonora Abbagnato
Choreography taken from Aleth Francillon, Gillian Whittingham, Benjamin Pech
Scenes Petrika Ionesco
Costumes Hanae Mori
Lights Jean-Michel Désiré
Video Igor Renzetti

Main interpreters
Cinderella Rebecca Bianchi
The Prince "Actor" Michele Satriano
The stepsisters Alessandra Amato, Susanna Salvi
The Producer Alessio Rezza
The dance master Claudio Cocino

Orchestra, Étoiles, Principal Dancers, Soloists and Corps de Ballet of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma  Opéra National staging in Paris



Ballet in three acts
from the story by Charles Perrault

Music Sergej Prokofiev

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Rome Opera Theater FoundationTheater Foundation… more

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Caracalla FestivalThe summer opera season… more

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Caracalla Festival 2023 • Rome

The summer season of the Rome Opera Theater becomes a festival . . .

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