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Russian pianists banned from international competitions
Two major international piano competitions canceled invitations to Russian pianists to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Two major piano competitions have withdrawn invitations to Russian pianists, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Honens International Piano Competition in Canada and the Dublin International Piano Competition in Ireland invite young pianists from around the world with awards, performances and recording opportunities, but neither competitions will be open to Russian pianists this year.
The Honens International Piano Competition in Canada announced that it has revoked invitations to six Russian pianists.
Honens detests and condemns any form of violence and is deeply disturbed by the unprovoked attack by the Russian government on Ukraine, ”the statement read. "Honens regrets that six young pianists will bear the brunt of a decision based on the brutal actions of the Russian government“.
Unanimously with our colleagues from around the world, the Dublin International Piano Competition condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine, ”reads the statement on its competition website. “We recognize that people may not reflect or support the conduct of a government, but in light of Russia's actions, we will not be able to include competitors from Russia in the 2022 competition.“.
The World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) also shared a declaration condemning the war in Ukraine, but asked member organizations not to "discriminate against or exclude young and gifted artists from participating in their competitions".
No candidate can be seen as a representative of his government and no participant can automatically be declared a representative of an ideology simply because of his nationality", he claims. [...]

Source: Freya Parr, BBC Music Magazine

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