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Pasquale Anfossi, influences on Mozart's work
Discovered in his youth as an itinerant musician by a nobleman and brought to Naples, he received composition lessons from A. Sacchini and N. Piccinni. He was one of the most sought-after opera composers of his time - around 80 plays mainly between Rome, Naples and Venice.

Pasquale Anfossi (Taggia, April 5, 1727 - Rome, February 1797) successfully ventured into all the musical genres of his time.

Anfossi and Mozart
The influences of Anfossi on Mozart's work have been recognized. The composer from Salzburg had been in Naples when he was just fourteen, in 1770, with his father Leopold, and he probably met Anfossi's music on this occasion. Subsequently he wrote some arias for Anfossi's Il Curoso Indiscreto and Le gelose fortunate operas on the occasion of two performances in Vienna in 1783 and 1788.

Two important early-century musicologists, Georges du Parc Poulain Saint-Foix and Theodor Wyzewa, in their monumental monograph on Mozart in five volumes, report a detailed comparison between the score of Anfossi's La finta giardiniera and that of Mozart. The two scholars note many similarities between the two works, noting that the Salzburger often followed the formal schemes of Anfossi's work and even took up its rhythmic invention.

Great opera artist, his production from 1774 to 1789 includes about 40 works, both series and comic, represented in the major theaters of the time: Naples, Rome, Pistoia, Venice, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Prato, Turin, Reggio Emilia and, abroad, Paris, Vienna, Dresden, London and Prague.

Anfossi was among the protagonists of the Neapolitan Music School, together with Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi, Niccolò Piccinni and Tommaso Traetta, and the younger Giovanni Paisiello and Domenico Cimarosa will lead the Opera buffa to its maximum splendor.

Works premiered in Vienna:
The jealous trial or the bizarre widow (libretto by G. Di Bertati) - Burgtheater 1774,
The unstable woman (libretto by G. Di Bertati) Burgtheater 1776.

His work The curious indiscreet (Rome 1777) was also performed in Vienna in 1783.


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