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Palermo, to the rediscovery of the composer Paolo Altieri (Naples 1745 - Noto 1820) with the MusicaMente concert
In the final concert of the X Season organized by MusicaMente, the first modern performance of sacred music by the Neapolitan composer who has long been active in Noto is scheduled
Organized by: MusicaMente Association

MusicaMente Association Presents

"X Concert Season"
"From Naples to Noto, the sacred music of Paolo Altieri”, This is the title of the original and meritorious concert that the Palermo association Music Mind proposes at the end of the X Concert Season.

The appointment is scheduled on December 27 (8.45 pm) at the Church of San Mamiliano to Palermo, protagonistsArianna Art Ensemble with the soprano Martina Licari and ensembles Euphony and Antonio Il Verso, directed by the master Fabio Ciulla.

The concert - dedicated to the rediscovery of the forgotten composer Paolo Altieri - is part of a broader project of the MusicaMente association, which places among its main objectives the research and enhancement of unknown music and composers of the '600 and' 700, with particular interest in composers from Sicily or who have lived and worked in Sicily.

Born in Naples in 1745, Paolo Altieri he graduated 'Chapel Master' in his city, and probably arrived in Noto in 1768. Here he became chapel master of the Cathedral and of all the churches of Noto, a position that ensured him an important position, and which he held until his death in 1820 .

The wanted one program paginated by MusicaMente presents in first run modern some of the most interesting and hitherto unknown compositions of Holy music by Altieri: they will listen to the Dixit, Tota Pulchra, Glory is Te Deum, composed between 1766 and 1768, passages that highlight the stylistic richness of Altieri, rooted in the great eighteenth-century Neapolitan tradition. As part of the sacred production composed in Noto in the early nineteenth century, the Gloria patri and the Quoniam for soprano, recorder, two violins, two horns and continuo, they are distinguished by the presence of the obligatory recorder, surprising evidence of the survival in Italy of an instrumental practice that disappeared over thirty years earlier. Stylistically they approach the eighteenth-century concerted arias, pervaded by long passages of coloratura, embellishments and chromatisms.

The concert will be introduced by the teacher Anna Tedesco, of the University of Palermo: "I believe that Altieri, who lived for many years in Noto, was a very important musician for Sicily not only for the numerous music he composed, but also for his enormous collection of sacred and secular music by various composers, which today constitutes the very interesting "Fondo Altieri" kept in the Municipal Library of Noto whose documentary value is inestimable. "


(In the images, Arianna Art Ensemble, below the facade of the Cathedral of Noto)


The concert will be preceded by an introduction by Prof. Anna Tedesco of the University of Palermo.
Palermo, to the rediscovery of the composer Paolo Altieri (Naples 1745 - Noto 1820) with the MusicaMente concert


Ensemble Antonio Il Verso
Euphony Ensemble
Arianna Art Ensemble
Soprano Martina Licari
Director Fabio Ciulla


Paolo Altieri
(Naples 1745 - Noto 1820)
Dixit Dominus
Tota pulchra
Te Deum
(1766 - 68)
Gloria Patri
(early 1800s)


Palermo and Trapani, New Year's Concert by the Symphony Orchestra . . .

Evento speciale nel cartellone dell’Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, il Concerto . . .

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