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UniMi Orchestra
Founded in 2000, the UNIMI Orchestra has distinguished itself over the years both for the peculiarity of its project in the Italian university context and for its dissemination activity in the city's musical reality.

The history of the Orchestra of the University of Milan is truly rich and varied, with a path that from 1990 to today has seen both the quality and variety of its musical initiatives grow.

Starting from the early days of the Musical Informatics Laboratory under the guidance of Goffredo Haus, and the cultural activities promoted by Alfio Bosatra, the Orchestra was born with the aim of offering students an opportunity to be involved in ensemble music. Thanks to the composer Angelo Paccagnini, the beginnings were marked by constant concert activity, known as the "Spring Concerts".

Since 1999, the Orchestra has taken a more official form, supported by the rector Paolo Mantegazza and made up of highly qualified students. The musical direction was entrusted to Alessandro Crudele and in a short time the Orchestra gained recognition, also through television broadcasts and a series of both symphonic and chamber concerts.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the Orchestra is its commitment to promoting contemporary music, both Italian and foreign. This innovative spirit has been underlined by several initiatives, including recording songs for films and participating in composition competitions.

The Orchestra has also explored sacred music and collaborated with several high-profile religious figures, such as Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi. From 2004 to 2015, he held his concerts at the Milan Auditorium, also becoming a stable presence in the Sala Verdi of the Milan Conservatory.

Collaboration with institutions such as the Milan Conservatory and the University's Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage has allowed the Orchestra to become a cultural point of reference. It also had an international impact, inviting other European university orchestras and touring abroad.

Recently, management passed to the UNIMI Foundation and the new musical director, Sebastiano Rolli, was appointed starting from the 2022/23 season, underlining a new chapter in its evolution.

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    Concert Season


    101st Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2024

    From 7 June to 7 September '24

    Verdi Festival of Parma and Busseto, XXIV Edition

    From 21 September to 20 October '24

    LacMus Festival 2024

    From 9 July to 21 July '24

    Bologna Festival 2024 – 43rd edition

    From 18 March to 6 November '24

    Refreshments Baroque Festival 2024 | 2nd edition Verona

    From 15 FebruaryEnded 28 February '24