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Orchestra of Magna Graecia
The Magna Grecia Orchestra was born in 1993, and after the first ten years of activity it has obtained the recognition as IC.O. (Concert-orchestral institution) of the Ministry of Culture


The 2021 - 22 Season, curated by the artistic director Piero Romano, includes seventeen concerts, from November to May.

L'Orchestra of Magna Graecia was born in 1993, with a dual objective: to promote classical musical culture, and to produce and distribute innovative musical projects, opening the sound world of the great symphony orchestra to transversality and artistic contaminations, including different musical styles and categories.

After a decade of activity, the Orchestra has been recognized as Concert - Orchestral Institution (ICO) by the Ministry of Culture.

There have been many collaborations with important conductors and exceptional soloists, including the Oscar winner Luis Bacalov, Chief Executive Officer from 2005 to 2017, e Luigi Piovano, musical director from 2012 to 2017, and today Chief Conductor.

The Magna Grecia Orchestra performs about 90 concerts a year, and is engaged in tours in Italy and abroad, which in recent years have led to performances in Japan, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Spain and the Emirates. Arabi, Montenegro, Albania, Greece. There were also numerous national and international television coverage.

The Magna Grecia Orchestra programs its season in Taranto at the Orfeo Theater and the Fusco Theater, in Matera in the Cava del Sole Auditorium.


(Photo Orchestra of Magna Grecia © Aurelio Castellaneta)

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