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Naples Sacred Music Festival 2023 | 2nd edition
Seven free concerts in seven of the most beautiful churches in Naples, a tribute to the glorious Neapolitan Musical School with numerous first modern performances of scores found in libraries and archives
Free entry while seats last
Back on Naples Sacred Music Festival, a very valuable event created last year with the aim of paying homage to the glorious Neapolitan Musical School, rediscovering and re-proposing for listening that vast sacred repertoire that came to life in the shadow of Vesuvius and which still largely lies in libraries and archives.

The second edition of Naples Sacred Music Festival takes place from 3 to 26 November 2023  and proposes seven concerts to free entry in as many of the most beautiful churches in the city, the Pontifical Basilica of S. Giacomo, the Basilica of Gesù Vecchio, the Churches of S. Ferdinando, of SS. Filippo and Giacomo, of S. Giovanni a Carbonara, of Santa Caterina a Formiello, of the SS. Trinity of the Pilgrims.

The music of Pergolesi, Scarlatti, Cimarosa, Paisiello and many others will thus return to resonate in the places and contexts for which they were composed, coming back to life in all their splendor. There will be numerous first performances, in contemporary times, of musical jewels found in the Girolamini libraries, the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, and other important Italian and European libraries.

Designed by the master Luigi Grima, the Naples Sacred Music Festival is made by the municipality of Naples in collaboration with theArchdiocese of Naples and theAssociation Discantus.

The program

Friday 3 November

The Naples Sacred Music Festival 2023 kicks off on Friday November 3 (8 pm) in the Pontifical Basilica of San Giacomo, which will act as a spectacular architectural backdrop to the Requiem pro Defunctis of Domenico Cimarosa.

Written in St. Petersburg on the occasion of the sudden death of the wife of Duke Antonio Maresca of Serracapriola at the instigation of Tsarina Catherine II, Cimarosa's masterpiece, an author particularly admired by Stendhal and Goethe, is characterized by its elegant singing, the freshness of the melodies and the refined timbral sensitivity.

The soprano will perform it Valentina Varriale, the alto Candida Guida, the tenor Stefano Sorrentino and the bass Francesco Auriemma. Luigi Grima will be on the podiumDiscantus Orchestra he was born in Choir Vocalia.

Saturday 11 November

Saturday 11 November (7.30 pm), will be the naves of the Church of San Ferdinando to welcome the second concert: entitled Mater, compares extraordinary masterpieces such as Hi Regina of Alessandro Scarlatti is that of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, together with his Stabat mater.

Composed in 1733, Pergolesi's works contrast with Scarlatti's sacred compositions for their modernity of language and for the more intimate inspiration still unknown to the famous Sicilian musician.

Performers, the soprano Daniela Cappiello and the mezzo-soprano Jose Maria Lo Monaco. Luigi Grima directs the Scarlet Baroque Sinfonietta.

Sunday 12 November

The Festival continues on Sunday November 12 (6.30 pm) in the Church of SS. Philip and James, which will frame the concert Ad Majorem by Gloriam. The Vocal and Instrumental Collegium “Nova Ars Cantandi” directed by John Steels will lead to listening to it Stabat Mater Dolorosa of Donated Wealth and the Miserere Mei, Deus of Leonardo Leo, first performances in contemporary times in Acciai's critical edition.

Characterized by a contrapuntal style in the choral parts and by an elegant melodicism in the solo ones, Stabat of Wealth interfaces with the Miserere of Leo who for his part follows a modern and concerted style.

Saturday 18 November

Sacrae Cantiones is the title of the event scheduled for Saturday November 18 (7.30 pm) in the Church of San Giovanni in Carbonara, a sort of homage to the sacred production of Charles Gesualdo where the technical mastery and the strong pathos that the Prince of Venosa instills in his polyphonies immediately stand out. The ensemble Tomato will be directed by Joseph Damn.

Sunday 19 November

The next concert, Neapolitans at the Courts of Europe, Sunday November 19 (6.30 pm) in the Church of Santa Caterina in Formiello, features protagonists Antonio Florio and the Chapel Neapolitan, together with the soprano Valentina Varriale. The program typeset songs by Antonio Duni, David Perez, Niccolò Jommelli, among the most famous musicians of the Neapolitan School, in a continuous comparison of common counterpoint and vocal writing skills.

Saturday 25 November

In Missa Solemnis celebrated by Monsignor Vincenzo De Gregorio in Church of the SS. Trinity of the Pilgrims Saturday 25 November (7.30 pm) on Mysterium Vocis Choir directed by Rosario Totaro with Sossio Capasso on the organ, he will interpret the liturgical production of Francesco Durante, from Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti. A continuous stylistic interchange of the authors between the "ancient style" of Palestrini origin and new harmonies, with a rare testimony of sacred music composed by Domenico Scarlatti with his psalm Laetatus sum.

Sunday 26 November

The Naples Sacred Music Festival 2023 ends on Sunday November 26 in Basilica of Gesù Vecchio. The suggestively titled concert will welcome the public Tenebrae, which presents the first performance in contemporary times of splendid works by the Maltese composer Jerome Abos.

Prominent representative of the eighteenth-century Neapolitan school, he was a refined composer and skilled counterpointist. A concert that promises to have a strong impact as two Lamentations for Holy Thursday which Abos split right in Naples.

Ticket office

Free entry while seats last
Naples Sacred Music Festival 2023 | 2nd edition

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