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Naples, The Masters of the Twentieth Century, at the San Carlo Theater the choreographies of Balanchine and MacMillan
For the second appointment of the Dance Season, two milestones of twentieth century choreography

San Carlo Theater Foundation Presenta

"Dance Season 2021 - 22"
To the San Carlo Theater of Naples goes on stage from 5 to 10 March the second appointment with dance, the diptych The Masters of the 20th Century, dedicated to George Balanchine is Kenneth MacMillan. 10 performances in all, the first on Saturday 5 March (8 pm), reruns on 6 (5 pm) and 8, 9 and 10 with a double show in the afternoon and in the evening.
On stage, the Ballet of the San Carlo Theater directed by Clotilde Vayer, while theOrchestra of the Neapolitan Opera will be led by the Spaniard Hilari García, making his debut on the podium of the San Carlo.
The show contains two important and rightly famous 20th century choreographies, Theme and Variations of Balanchine conceived on a piece by Tchaikovsky, is Concert of MacMillan to music by Shostakovich.
Concert, created by the Scottish master in 1966 for the Ballet of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, is conceived on the music of Concert n. 2 for piano and orchestra of Dmitrij Šostakóvič. Single act in three movements, it is a piece of pure dance, without narrative elements, which alternates the lyrical suspension of the pas de deux with the playful vivacity of the choral movements. Formal perfection is combined with an exuberant vitality, making this work, only apparently simple, one of the most celebrated choreographies of Kenneth MacMillan.
Theme and Variations of George Balanchine, choreographed on the Suite for Orchestra n. 3 in G major op. 55 of Pëtr Il'ič Tchaikovsky, is a tribute to the dance of the great Russian School, presented for the first time in 1947 fromAmerican Ballet Theater. Among the masterpieces of Balanchine, Theme and variations unfolds the entire lexicon of classical ballet, creating an extraordinary dance interpretation of the musical form, from the simplest to the most complex. Balanchine himself wrote that the intention of the piece was "to evoke that great period of classical dance in which Russian ballet flourished on Tchaikovsky's music."
Naples, The Masters of the Twentieth Century, at the San Carlo Theater the choreographies of Balanchine and MacMillan


Dmitri Shostakovich
Choreography Kenneth MacMillan
Taken from | Julie Lincoln
Costumes Jürgen Rose
Repetiteur Robert Tewsley
Pianist Sepp Grotenhuis
Lights John B Read

Pëtr Il'ič Tchaikovsky
Theme and Variations
choreography George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust
Maître de ballet and repetiteur Sandra Jennings
Costumes Giusi Giustino
Lights taken from Nunzio Perrella

Director Hilari García 
Orchestra and Ballet of the Teatro di San Carlo
Director of the Ballet  Clotilde Vayer  


George Balanchine | Kenneth Macmillan The Masters of the 20th century 
Concert Choreography Kenneth MacMillan Music Dmitri Shostakovich
Theme and Variations Choreography George Balanchine ©  Music Pëtr Il'ič Tchaikovsky  


March 5 at 8pm
March 6 at 5 pm
March 8 at 5 pm
8 March at 9 pm
March 9 at 5 pm
9 March at 9 pm
10 March at 5 pm
10 March at 9 pm

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