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Naples, “Black Telemann” closes the 2023-24 Season of the Scarlatti Association
At the Sannazaro Theater the Baroque Ensemble of Naples is the protagonist of the homage to the German composer, with Laura Pontecorvo and Tommaso Rossi soloists on flute
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Alessandro Scarlatti Association Presents

“ Concert Season 2023 -24 ”
The concert season of theAlessandro Scarlatti Association of Naples: "Black Telemann” the title of the evening scheduled for Thursday April 18, 2024 to the theater Sannazaro, protagonistBaroque Ensemble of Naples with Laura Pontecorvo is Thomas Rossi flute soloists.

“Black Telemann – he underlines Thomas Rossi, artistic director of Scarlatti and, on this occasion also soloist of the Ensemble Barocco – was born from the desire to contribute to the knowledge of Georg Philipp Telemann (Magdeburg 1681, Hamburg 1767), a great German author who was not particularly popular (especially in Italy) compared to his contemporaries Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Händel, but certainly a figure of absolute importance like them in the history of music".

“Around this composer – Ricci adds – we managed to create a complex work that unites the possible timbral combinations and the different genres of the instrumental music of the time (suite, concert, sonata), respecting that “mixed style” – the combination of Italian, French and German style – which is the synthesis of Telemann's work”.

German musician will be heard "Overture, Suite in E minor" from the "Table music", The "Concerto in D major" and the "Concerto in E minor", a selection of pieces in which the flute excels, both recorder and transverse, entrusted here to the performance of two renowned soloists, Laura Pontecorvo is Thomas Rossi, and to the musicians ofEnsemble Baroque formed by Rossella Croce and Marco Piantoni (violins), Vezio Jorio (viola), Manuela Albano (cello), Giorgio Sanvito (double bass), Patrizia Varone (harpsichord).

The evening will also be enriched by the first ever performance of the original song by Paschal Corrado which gives the title to the entire concert, “Black Telemann".

The composition, commissioned by the network REACO (an acronym in which numerous Italian concert institutions come together), offers a reflection on the relevance of Telemann's message and on its place in our modernity still as a generator of new possible musical scenarios. In “Black Telemann”, Pasquale Corrado explores the possible metamorphoses of a fragment of Telemann's “Concerto in E minor” for recorder, flute, strings and continuous bass, where the traditional system of the baroque concert is replaced by a floating mechanism and changeable which calls into question the very concept of the orchestra and the relationships between the instruments and the sections that compose it
Naples, “Black Telemann” closes the 2023-24 Season of the Scarlatti Association

Other information of interest

Baroque Ensemble of Naples

The Baroque Ensemble of Naples was established on the initiative of Tommaso Rossi, Raffaele Di Donna and Marco Vitali and made its debut on 2 May 2010 on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Alessandro Scarlatti. From that moment, as part of the activities of the Alessandro Scarlatti Association of Naples, he has created numerous programs focused on the music of the great composer, as part of a real research project which led, in 2012, to the first recording of the Ensemble, dedicated to the complete cantatas with flute obliged by Scarlatti. In 2014 the group's second CD was published, with Leonardo Leo's flute sonatas, the first ever recording. The ensemble has performed for Radio3 and in recent seasons it has been invited to the Ancient Music Festival of Valletta (Malta), Ravello Festival, Festival Leonardo Leo of Brindisi and in the seasons of the Opera Giocosa of Savona, Magie Barocche of Catania, AMA Calabria Concerts, University Concert Institution of Rome, Accademia degli Sfaccendati, Concerts of the Normale of Pisa. The Il Soffio di Partenope project was published in 2019 on the Sony-Deutsche Harmonia Mundi label, dedicated to the music for wind instruments by authors from the Neapolitan area, as part of a research project in collaboration with the Abchordis Ensemble of Basel. In 2021, the CD with Robert Valentine's flute sonatas, entitled An Englishman in Rome, saw the light of day.


Laura Pontecorvo, transverse flute
Thomas Rossi, recorder and flute traversiere

Baroque Ensemble of Naples


Black Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann –  Overture, Suite twv 55:e1 for 2 flutes, strings and continuous bass

Pasquale Corrado – Black Telemann for recorder, flute, strings and continuous bass

Georg Philipp Telemann – Concerto twv 54:d1 for violin and cello obligatori, 2 flutes, strings and continuous bass

Georg Philipp Telemann – Concerto twv 52:e1 for recorder, flute, strings and continuous bass

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