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Naples, at the San Carlo Theater Ponchielli's La Gioconda with a stellar cast, protagonists Anna Netrebko, Jonas Kaufmann, Ludovic Tézier
On the podium Pinchas Steinberg; the costumes are by Christian Lacroix, the direction by Romain Gilbert
Organized by: San Carlo Theater Foundation

San Carlo Theater Foundation Presenta

“ Season 2023 – 24 | Opera "
Great anticipation at San Carlo Theater in Naples for the top title of the season, The Gioconda of Hamilcar Ponchielli, which after 47 years of absence returns to the scenes of the Neapolitan Massimo with a dream cast bringing together on the stage some of the greatest voices of contemporary opera,  Anna Netrebko in the role of the protagonist, Jonas Kaufmann in that of Enzo Grimaldo and Ludovic Tezier in the part of Barnabas, while Eve Maud Hubeaux will be Laura Adorno. In the performances on April 11, 14 and 17 they will alternate with the main cast Lianna Haroutounian, Anna Maria Chiuri, Angel Villari, Ernesto Chest.

The musical direction is entrusted to the authoritative baton of Pinchas Steinberg, the direction to the young man Romain Gilbert; the scenes are from Etienne Pluss, the choreography of Vincent Chaillet, the lights of Valerius Tiberi, while the costumes are designed by the famous French designer Christian Lacroix.

They complete the singing company Alexander Köpeczi (Alvise Badoèro), Kseniia Nikolayeva (The Blind Woman), Lorenzo Mazzucchelli (Zuàne, A singer and a pilot), Roberto brood (Isèpo), Joseph Todisco (A barnabot). The show, created in co-production with the Gran Teatre del Liceu of Barcelona, brings together the artistic masses of San Carlo to complete, theOrchestra, the Choir educated by Fabrizio Cassi, the Ballet directed by Clotilde Vayer, the White Voices led by Stefania Rinaldi.

The new staging of La Gioconda debuts on Sunday April 7, 2024 (5pm) with one extraordinary performance who celebrates the 30 years on stage by Anna Netrebko, and continues from 10 to 17 April with six other performances.

'The Gioconda', opera in four acts with a libretto by Tobia Gorrio (Arrigo Boito) based on the drama 'Angélo, tyran de Padoue' by Victor Hugo, is considered the masterpiece of Hamilcar Ponchielli (1834 – 1886), who here managed to combine French grand opera with echoes of Verdi, in a scenic context animated by passions whose strong accents prefigure the most heated realism.

Written between 1874 and 1876, La Gioconda was performed for the first time at the Scala in Milan on 8 April 1876, while the debut at the San Carlo took place on 1 April 1881. Among the great voices who later interpreted the role of the protagonist on the stage of the Neapolitan Massimo we remember Fedora Barbieri (1953), Renata Tebaldi (1967), Grace Bumbry (1977).

«La Gioconda is a work with a large, elaborate and difficult score not only from a technical point of view – underlined the Maestro Pinchas Steinberg – but here it is first and foremost the expressive and narrative weight that counts. I asked everyone, singers and instrumentalists, to think and work on how to expose sound, to speak through the language of music, to understand and detail every note and every character. And so that even the famous ballet of the Dance of the Hours will not be at all obvious or a mere decorative surface. This, ultimately, is the great miracle of the work. If the style and the most authentic sense of the story emerge from the music in the pit and the singing on stage, it means that we have won."

As is known, the opera takes place in seventeenth-century Venice, outlined in vivid colors by the libretto, which enhances both its splendours and sensuality and its dark and mysterious sides. A place taken up exactly in the reading of Romain Gilbert: ''I wanted the scenic setting to be in Venice – explains the director – because there are some works that you cannot take elsewhere, and La Gioconda is one of these. In this story the link with the setting is very strong, just as, for example, Tosca is necessarily linked to Rome. In La Gioconda there is the Doge, the Lion's Mouth, the canals... All these things are written for Venice. The scenes, therefore, must be in Venice. However, I didn't want to reproduce the postcard Venice, the Venice we know today thanks to the Carnival and its colours. I wanted to reproduce the Venice of the 17th century, the real Venice of that time.'


(Photocredit: Anna Netrebko, Olga Rubio-Dalmau | Jonas Kaufmann and Ludovic Tézier © Gregor Hohenberg / Sony Music)
Naples, at the San Carlo Theater Ponchielli's La Gioconda with a stellar cast, protagonists Anna Netrebko, Jonas Kaufmann, Ludovic Tézier


Director | Pinchas Steinberg
Direction | Romain Gilbert

Scenes | Etienne Pluss
Costumes | Christian Lacroix
Lights | Valerio Tiberi Choreographies | Vincent Chaillet♭

The Mona Lisa | Anna Netrebko (10, 13, 16) /
Lianna Haroutounian (11, 14, 17)
Laura Adorno | Eve Maud Hubeaux (10, 13, 16) /
Anna Maria Chiuri (11, 14, 17)
Alvise Badoèro | Alexander Köpeczi
The Blind Woman | Kseniia Nikolaieva
Enzo Grimaldo | Jonas Kaufmann (10, 13, 16) /
Angelo Villari ♭ (11, 14, 17)
Barnabas | Ludovic Tézier (10, 13, 16) /
Ernesto Petti (11, 14, 17)
Zuàne / A singer / A pilot | Lorenzo Mazzucchelli
Isèpo | Roberto Covatta
A barnabot | Giuseppe Todisco♮

♭ debut at the Teatro di San Carlo
♮ Choir Artist

Orchestra, Chorus and Ballet of the Teatro di San Carlo
with the participation of Children's Choir of the Teatro di San Carlo
Choir Master | Fabrizio Cassi
Ballet Director | Clotilde Vayer
Director of the Children's Choir | Stefania Rinaldi

New production of the Teatro di San Carlo
in co-production with the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona


Amilcare Ponchielli
The Gioconda

Melodrama in four acts
Libretto by Tobia Gorrio (Arrigo Boito)
based on the drama 'Angélo, tyran de Padoue' by Victor Hugo


7 April 2024 at 5pm Extraordinary performance for the 30th anniversary of Anna Netrebko's debut
10 April 2024 at 8pm 'before'
performances 11, 13, 16, 27 April at 8pm
April 14th at 5pm

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