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Special Event - Christmas, New Year
Milan, The Nutcracker in Nureyev's version opens the Ballet Season of the Teatro alla Scala
On stage from 17 December to 11 January, the show will be broadcast on Rai 5
Organized by: Teatro alla Scala Foundation

Teatro alla Scala Foundation Presents

“ Ballet Season 2022 23 ”
Milan, opens with The Nutcracker of Tchaikovsky there Ballet season 2022 – 23 of the Teatro alla Scala: the most loved title of the holidays from 17 December to 11 January returns to the Piermarini stage in the name of Rudolf Nureyev, of which in 2023 the thirtieth anniversary of the disappearance occurs.

His' Nutcracker, who saw him on stage so many times to interpret Drosselmeyer who transforms himself into a luminous Prince, sixteen years after the last performance in December 2006, will still shine in the staging of Nicholas Georgiadis, with its décor and costumes renewed by La Scala in 1987, completed by the lighting design by Andrea Giretti. The choreographic recovery is curated by Manuel Legris is Aleth Francillon, while it will be Valery Ovsyankikov to get on the podium ofOrchestra of the Teatro alla Scala.

The music and choreography of the famous ballet, intimately linked to the period of winter holidays and fascinating even for the little ones, converge towards the famous waltzes and step two, rich in technique, rigor, lines and balances, and reveal the dramaturgical setting that Nureyev wanted to give them: Clara's dream, the journey of a teenager, between shadows and lights. Academism but also verve, technique and theatrical expressiveness that are well suited to the style of the Scaliger Ballet, with which the great dancer and choreographer had a special bond.

The Nutcracker of Nuriev – presented for the first time at the Piermarini in 1969, two years after its debut in Stockholm – it will be a new showcase for first dancers and soloists of La Scala dance. In 11 performances, five casts will alternate in the main roles: Nicoletta Manni is Timofey Andriyashenka, already applauded in the pas de deux of the second act at the Gala Fracci, they will be protagonists in the inaugural performance on December 17 and in the show of Sunday 18. Agnes Di Clemente is Claudio Coviello will debut the December 21 and they will be back on stage too on the 28th; to Alice Mariani is Navrin Turnbull are entrusted with the performances of December 30th he was born in January 3rd; Martina Arduino and guest artist Jacopo Tissi will greet 2022 in the end of year play, the December 31st, then back on stage on 4 and the January 7; to Virna Toppi is Nicholas Del Freo is entrusted with the recitation of January 5th and the closing night ofJanuary 11th.

Alongside Clara and Drosselmeyer/Principe, it is really the whole Company that is involved in this production, starting from Corps de Ballet which will shine in Christmas dances and above all in the marvelous choreographic drawings of the famous waltzes: twenty-four dancers is two soloists (Maria Celeste Losa with Gaia Andreano, then Alessandra Vassallo with Greta Giacon is Camilla Ceruli) in the Snowflake Waltz of the first act accompanied by Children's Choir of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala directed by Marco De Gaspari; twelve pairs in the equally famous Waltz of the Flowers in the second act.

Many artists who will take turns in the characters: Doctor and Mrs. Stahlbaum (Gabriel Corrado alternating with Maximus Garon is Beatrice Carbone, alternating with Francesca Podini); Louise and Fritz (Vittoria Valerio is Mattia Semperboni, then Camilla Ceruli is Domenico Of Christ, Alessandra Vassallo is Rinaldo Venuti, Linda Giubelli is Eugenio Lepera); Grandma and Grandpa (Matthew Gavazzi is Serena Sarnataro, Massimo Dalla Mora is Serena Colombi).

Continuing in Nureyev's dramaturgical line, Clara will see them again, transformed, as soloists of the dances of the second act, from spanish dance, at the Russian dance is arabic dance (which also includes a solo couple with Antonella Albano and Marco Agostino, then Maria Celeste Losa and Gabriele Corrado, Alessandra Vassallo with Christian Fagetti). And again, the chinese dance (with Domenico Di Cristo, Federico Fresi, Rinaldo Venuti, then Mattia Semperboni, Christian Fagetti – alternating with Saïd Ramos Ponce – and Andreas Lochmann, then Valerio Lunadei, Saïd Ramos Ponce and Francesco Mascia), the Pastoral (Nicola Del Freo with Linda Giubelli and Agnese Di Clemente and then with Vittoria Valerio and Gaia Andreanò; Alessandro Paoloni with Linda Giubelli and Alessia Auriemma and with Giordana Granata and Camilla Cerulli, then Navrin Turnbull with Vittoria Valerio and Gaia Andreanò and with Marta Gerani and Agnese Di Clemente); and to impersonate the nutcracker soldier (Valerio Lunadei, Alessandro Paoloni) and the Mouse King (Gioacchino Starace, Samuele Berbenni). In fact, the battle between mice and toy soldiers is inevitable, which will involve the students of the Ballet School of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala directed by Frederic Olivieri, as well as in the dances of Christmas celebrations.


(Top, Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko, Teatro alla Scala, photocredit Brescia & Amisano; bottom photocredit Tamoni Andrea)



Act One

It's Christmas Eve, early 19th century. The wealthy mayor, Dr. Stahlbaum, throws a party for his friends and their children. The boys have fun and dance in excited anticipation of the presents. Mr. Drosselmeyer, an old friend of the family, arrives bearing gifts for the children and entertains them with sleight of hand. Clara, his favorite, receives a nutcracker. Her brother Fritz breaks it to spite her, but Mr. Drosselmeyer immediately puts it back together. Relatives arrive and join in the dance, then Clara, feeling very tired, falls asleep on a chair and begins to dream.

The hall and the Christmas tree take on enormous proportions. A flock of mice tries to get hold of the nutcracker and Clara comes to their aid by throwing her favorite dolls at the mice to distract them. The Nutcracker suddenly comes to life and at the command of his soldiers joins her in the battle against the mice and their leader, the Mouse King. A company of hussars and a company of sailors are overwhelmed. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King are left alone on the field. Desperate, Clara throws her slipper at the Mouse King, who falls to the ground, while the nutcracker transforms into a handsome young prince.

Second act

Clara and the Nutcracker, i.e. the Prince, are transported to an enchanted cave. Here Clara is terrified of bats, but when the Prince intervenes to cheer her up and protect her, he realizes that they are none other than his family and friends, so transfigured by his nightmare. The cave mysteriously transforms into Clara's playhouse, where many of her favorite dolls come to life and dance in an atmosphere of happiness. At the end of the dream, Clara is awakened by her mother and father, while, after the reception, the guests take their leave. Clara is left alone, fascinated by the memory of her adventures.
Milan, The Nutcracker in Nureyev's version opens the Ballet Season of the Teatro alla Scala

Other information of interest

The ballet, with Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko in the lead roles, will be performed by Rai Cultura is transmitted in Italy on January 5th (9.15 pm) on Rai5 and on RaiPlay (in reply on Rai5 on 8 January (7.15 pm), abroad from 6 January (8.00 pm) on the Medici TV platform and on Italian and international cinema circuits on a date to be defined.


On the occasion of the show, in the Ridotto Palchi Arturo Toscanini, the bodice worn by Nureyev in the performances of the Nutcracker at La Scala, and the costume of Carla Fracci in the role of Clara, both made from sketches by Nicholas Georgiadis, will be on display.    


Corps de Ballet and Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala/br> Children's Choir of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala/br> With the participation of the students of the Ballet School of the Teatro alla Scala Academy

Choreography and direction Rudolf Nureyev

Director Valery Ovsyanikov

Scenes and costumes Nicholas Georgiadis/br> Lights Andrea Giretti

Guest artist Jacopo Tissi (Dec. 31 and Jan. 4, 7)

Teatro alla Scala production


Pëtr Il'ič Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker 
Ballet in two acts


17 December 2022 at 20.00 "before"
18 December 2022 at 2.30pm / 21 December 2022 at 8.00pm
28 December 2022 at 8.00pm / 30 December 2022 at 8.00pm 
31 December 2022 at 18.00 / 03 January 2023 at 20.00
04 January 2023 at 20.00 / 05 January 2023 at 20.00
07 January 2023 at 20.00 / 11 January 2023 at 20.00

Who organizes

Teatro alla ScalaThe New Regio Ducal… more

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