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He is a versatile artist, capable of uniting the 20th century with the Baroque, from the modern piano to the seventeenth-century mesotone piano like no one has ever done before.

Thanks to the knowledge of the ancient and baroque repertoire Michele Fontana can range from the baroque to the twentieth century. The latest recordings range from the historic twentieth century (Stravinsky, Bartòk, Ligeti, Prokofiev) to the Baroque with Frescobaldi.

After having brilliantly graduated in piano and organ at the Conservatory of Verona, under the guidance of Sabrina Reale and Umberto Forni, in fact, he felt the need to further expand and complete his training: in the following years he also obtained the Specialist Degree in Piano with full marks and honors, at the Conservatory of Mantua with Edoardo Maria Strabbioli, and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Modena.

His musical interests have always ranged across the board from the Baroque to the classical and modern period; for this reason it is not surprising that among the masters of the master classes he attended there are pianists, harpsichordists and organists such as Pier Narciso Masi, Leslie Howard, Sylvie Gazeau, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Francesco Cera, Giancarlo Parodi, Guy Bovet and Ludger Lohmann.

His intellectual curiosity, the desire for experimentation and his scientific skills have led him, over the years, to undertake an even more ambitious challenge: to combine his musical knowledge with his engineering studies by producing high quality records that reflect the every kind of sound as faithfully as possible.

In 2018, after having designed and set up the 51 Recording Studio, he decided to found the Fluente Records label, born with the intention of giving the public only superior sound products.

Michele Fontana, unifying all the musical, digital and scientific skills accumulated over the long years of training, thus manages today to personally take care of all phases of record production, from recording to post-production, with a creative approach that highlights both purely technical side than the musical one.

After the album "'900" dedicated to Stravinsky, Bartòk, Prokofiev, Ligeti, which aroused great interest from the public and critics, Fontana's latest recording is an absolute novelty in the recording scene: the complete opera by Girolamo Frescobaldi performed on the ancient organ and on the modern piano tuned for the first time with the mesotonic system.


IMAGES - Angelo Cavallo (trumpet), Michele Fontana (piano) - Preludio Records 2016

Complete Fantasies on Verdi Operas - Angelo Cavallo (cornet), Michele Fontana (piano) - Dynamic 2017

'900 (music by Stravinsky, Ligeti, Bartòk, Prokofiev) - Michele Fontana, piano - Fluente Records 2019

Fontana Plays Frescobaldi on Meantone Piano - Michele Fontana (mesotonic piano and organ) 9 cd - Fluente Records
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