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Mascagni Festival 2022 Livorno
#Melodiediscoglio, the 3rd edition of the Festival dedicated to Pietro Mascagni in the sign of the sea and music; among the artists on the bill, Salvatore Accardo, Gianna Nannini, Alessandro Preziosi
It will take place in Livorno from 9 July to 3 September the Mascagni Festival 2022, with a wide range of proposals ranging from productions d'Opera to the opera concerts, symphonic, sacred is jazz, come on theatrical readings at 'musical contaminations. Placed under the emblem of the sea and music, linked by the fil-rouge #melodiediscoglio, I am twenty four the events put on the bill by the Festival, which for eight weeks will make Livorno a true cultural center of Mascagni, with music, acting and stories in the most evocative areas of the city, from Old Fortress at the New Fortress, from Sanctuary of Montenero at the Mascagni Terrace overlooking the sea.

The province of Livorno will also be involved with the two # eventsMascagnan lands on stage a Bibbona and onCapraia Island, while the two shows of the #M Baths Outside the Door will cross the Labronian borders arriving at Lucca, city of Puccini, and in Portugal, a Coimbra.

At the center of the Mascagni Festival 2022 will be two works by the great composer, who was born in Livorno on 7 December 1863 and was always tied to his city: the rare Pinotta and, inevitable, Cavalry rusticana, the work that, at just twenty-six, gave him fame.

Pinotta, premiered in Livorno, will open the third Mascagni Festival in the two evenings of the 9 and 10 July 2022 at the Old Fortress, Stage of the Cisterna (9.30 pm). “Ninety years ago Pietro Mascagni's opera Pinotta made its debut in Sanremo. On this significant anniversary - specifies the artistic director Marco Voleri - I thought that the Mascagni Festival was the ideal setting to represent, for the first time, this work in his hometown ". The musical direction of the new production is entrusted to Francesco Di Mauro, on the podium ofOrchestra and Chorus of the Goldoni Theater of Livorno, with a vocal cast selected by Mascagni Academy; direction, sets and lights are by Giulia Bonghi, the costumes are taken care of by Foundation Cerratelli. A prologue to the work will beMascagnano concert'.

Rustic cavalry the 30 and 31 August (9.30 pm) on the spectacular Mascagni Terrace by the sea, with high-level vocal protagonists, the acclaimed Sonia Ganassi in the role of Santuzza, the Azerbaijani tenor Azer Zada  in that of Turiddu, the baritone Giovanni Guagliardo in the role of Alfio. On the podium Roberto Gianola will direct the'Regional Orchestra of Tuscany, direction and lighting are signed by Danilo Capezzani. The new staging is also the inaugural title of the 2022/23 Opera Season at the Goldoni Theater.

Another important event is the theatrical reading "Mascagni vs Verga"Scheduled for July 17 (9.30 pm) at Old Fortress. On the occasion of the 100 years from the death of Giovanni Verga, the performance aims to outline the personalities of the Sicilian writer and the composer from Livorno, telling in a brilliant and in-depth way the quarrel that arose between the two around Rustic cavalry. On stage Alessandro Preziosi (Mascagni) and Marco Bocci (Verga), the dramaturgy is edited by Alessandro Rossi.

On the other hand, it has a contemporary imprint Melo-Logic: investigation in music, format that wants to tell the opera also with the innovative tools that are now part of our daily life; Melo-Logic thus becomes a format for the production of contemporary music for orchestra aimed at experimenting with new forms of the dissemination of art music, which combine entertainment and interactivity with musical quality. (July 21, 7 pm and 9 pm, Old Fortress).

Space also for pop contamination: the August 26 (9.30 pm) on the Mascagni Terrace, the Festival will host a concert by Gianna Nannini who will perform in an unprecedented acoustic version, offering a musical tribute to Pietro Mascagni.

The 2 September, always on Mascagni Terrace, it will instead be the National Band of the Navy, directed by M ° Antonio Barbagallo, to pay homage to the composer with band arrangements of some of his most significant pages.

In particular, in this edition of the Mascagni Festival, the presence of several important orchestral groups should be emphasized: l'Orchestra of Tuscany, L'Orchestra of the Goldoni Theater of Livorno, L'Orquestra Classica do Centro of Coimbra, L'Arcangelo Corelli Orchestra and theCalabrese Symphony Orchestra.

And precisely to the latter, with the direction of the legendary Savior Accardo, will be entrusted with the closing of the Mascagni Festival 2022 the September 3 on the large terrace dedicated to the composer. 'Summer night' the title of the evening, which will lead to listening to two very different songs, united by the appropriately nocturnal theme: Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), first relevant work by Arnold Schönberg, a contemporary of Mascagni, and the very famous Eine kleine Nachtmusik, night serenade of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (Mascagni Terrace, 9.30 pm).

The review completes the billboard Author's sunset", scheduled every Wednesday in August at Gazebo adjacent to the Mascagni Terrace: a series of concerts that will see the sun disappear in the Livorno sea.  

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