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Ludwig van Beethoven
2020, the year dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven (Bonn, 1770 - Vienna, 1827) was one of the most important musical geniuses of all time. Almost two hundred years after his death, there is no person, however little culturally gifted, who has not heard some of his immortal creations.
Emotional and extreme temperament, Beethoven brought innovation both musically and in terms of his status as an artist. In fact, the Flemish composer lived there almost like a modern freelancer. Today it is normal, but in past centuries the artist relied on a patron. He had to try to keep his graces, because he decided on his own initiative when and how to compensate him. He, on the other hand, sold his music whenever possible, demanding an adequate consideration.
From a stylistic point of view Beethoven reworked the Viennese classicism of composers such as Mozart and Haydin and sowed the seeds for the birth of romanticism.
Neither the troubled life nor the deafness could stop his creative genius.
Among the works of Beethoven: The symphonies - the sonatas - The concerts - The chamber music and more.
Without a doubt, the best known and most used classical music piece is the famous “Ode to Joy”. The work is part of the Symphony n. 9, the last one composed by the German musician and considered his masterpiece. The Hymn to Joy is a march of joy that contains a great message of peace and brotherhood and, for this reason, in 1972 it was adopted as a European anthem. The song has also become part of the soundtrack of numerous films, including "The fleeting moment" by Peter Weir.
Beethoven, who devoted his entire life to music, died on March 26, 1827 and was buried a few days later. Tens of thousands of people followed his funeral procession on the street.


Ludwig van Beethoven, was the last notable representative of Viennese classicism and is considered one of the greatest and most influential composers of all time. In just 45 years Beethoven composed around 750 works.

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