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The Amici della Musica Society of Catania dedicates a concert to Francesco Paolo Tosti's chamber romances
Tosti wrote over 400 compositions of parlor music in Italian, English, French, Neapolitan and Abruzzese, becoming the greatest exponent of this musical genre
Saturday 18 December (5 pm) la SCAM Catanese Society of Friends of Music closes the 2021 programming with an appointment entirely dedicated to chamber romances by Francesco Paolo Tosti. The concert takes place at the A.uditorium Sacro Cuore of Catania (Via Milano 47, info:, protagonists the tenors Toti Sapienza is Antonio Costa and the sopranos Angela Curiale is Marzia Catania, accompanied on the piano by Giovanni Raddino and the violinist Antonino Capizzi. Sixteen pieces will be proposed interspersed with anecdotes and curiosities.

Sara Toti Sapienza, music lover and news explorer, to guide the audience through the life and works of Francesco Paolo Tosti (Ortona 1846 - Rome 1816). One of the most innovative figures of the nineteenth-twentieth century scene, the Abruzzese musician as well as composer was a great singing teacher (Caruso, Nellie Melba, Luisa Tetrazzini among others studied with him). high-level music organizer, supervisor of the London branch of Casa Ricordi. From 1875 to 1913 Tosti worked at the British court, being awarded the title of "Sir" in 1908. He was singing teacher of Margherita of Savoy, of the queens of Spain, Norway, Sweden and Romania, as well as the unfortunate Alessandra, wife of Tsar Nicola II. Also important is the partnership with Gabriele D'Annunzio - known in 1880 in Francavilla, in the home of the painter Francesco Paolo Michetti who at that time hosted many artists and writers - from which numerous romances originated, such as the famous'A vucchella, which will open the concert.

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