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The shortest classical music composition ever written
The shortest piece of classical music was written by one of the most famous composers, Ludwig van Beethoven

This is the Bagatella for piano n. 10 op. 119, the shortest of all the Baubles, which only counts 13 characters.
A 'Kleinigkeit' as Beethoven called these short pieces, a 'small thing' but for his part - Berlin's Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung enthusiastically reviewed the music publication: “What infinite attractions they contain in their magical circle! There are few jokes, but a lot is what they express ... "
Musicologist Eric Blom believed that these short pieces reflected Beethoven's character more intimately than any of his other works, that they were as far as possible in music, almost a kind of small self-portraits.
The Bagatelle gathered in op. 119 were composed at different times, and have an intricate publishing history. The Bagatella n. 10 probably dates back to the late 1820s, and all together they were published in London by Muzio Clementi & Co. with the title "Trifles for the Piano Forte, Consisting of Eleven pleasing Pieces Composed in Various Styles by L. Van Beethoven", and subsequently, at the end of 1823 in Paris by the publisher Schlesinger.
The Bagatella op. 119 n. 10 has a duration of a few seconds, 9 in the interpretation of Stephen Kovacevich, a couple more in that of Brendel and other performers. 

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