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The ODHECATON Ensemble in free streaming from the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara
Ferrara Musica presents Focus Josquin500 - A tribute to Ferrara's musical past, dedicated to Joaquin Dezprez in the 500th anniversary of his death
Organized by: Ferrara Musica

Ferrara Musica Presents

"Ferrara Music at your home"
The concert by the ODHECATON ensemble is the first appointment in the focus that Ferrara Musica dedicates to the great Franco-Flemish composer Joaquin Dezprez (around 1450 - Condé-sur-l'Escaut, 27 August 1521), who lived and worked in Ferrara between 1503 and 1504. To find out more about the composer, watch the introduction by Enzo Restagno, artistic director of Ferrara Musica - go to the video link. The vocal ensemble  Odhecaton he made his debut in 1998, earning some of the most prestigious record awards. He inaugurated a new interpretative attitude in the field of polyphonic performance, which bases his mobile and expressive reading of polyphony on the declamation of the word. The name of the ensemble is taken from the title of the first printed book of polyphonic music, Harmonice Musices Odhecaton published in Venice in 1501. His repertory of choice is represented by the musical production of Italian, French, Flemish and Spanish composers active between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. Odhecaton brings together some of the best Italian male voices specialized in the performance of Renaissance and pre-classical music under the direction of Paolo Da Col. Free streaming on Ferrara Musica's YouTube channel - link . . . (photo from Ferrara Musica website)


The concert will be premiered for free on the Ferrara Musica YouTube channel and will remain visible afterwards.
The ODHECATON Ensemble in free streaming from the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara


ODHECATON Alessandro Carmignani countertenor Andrea Arrivabene countertenor Gianluigi Ghiringhelli countertenor Alberto Allegrezza tenor Massimo Altieri tenor Vincenzo Di Donato tenor Gianluca Ferrarini tenor Enrico Bava bass Marcello Vargetto bass Paolo Da Col director


Josquin Desprez Ave Maria (to 4) Jacob Obrecht Ave Regina celorum Hymn Ave Maris Stella Johannes Martini Ave Maris Stella I sing still Solve vincla reis Josquin Desprez Montra te esse matrem Pierre de la Rue Absalon, wire me (to 4) Josquin Desprez Ut Phoebi radiis (to 4) In you Domine you hoped Je ne me puis tenir d'aimer El grillo A thousand regretz Agnus Dei (a 4) (from Missa L'homme armé super voces musicales) Nesciens Mater (to 8)

Author: Sabine Frantellizzi

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