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Jules Verne, Giorgio Battistelli's musical theater in Rome for the IUC
The score, a tribute to the famous French writer, is entrusted to the Ars Ludi percussion ensemble, Silver Lion at the 2022 Venice Biennale
Organized by: IUC – University Concert Institution
Ticket under 30: €8 / under 18: €5

IUC - University Institution of Concerts Presents

"The Concerts of the Aula Magna - 78th Season 2022 - 23"
TO Rome there IUC - University Institution of Concerts continues to ring a series of unmissable appointments, dispensing the pearls of its rich program one after the other.

Tuesday March 14, 2023 (8.30 pm) at theGreat Hall de Wisdom, will be the turn of Jules Verne – Imagination in the form of a showscore by musical theater now "historical", composed in 1987 from Giorgio Battistelli, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement of the Venice Biennale 2022.

Also author of the text and engaged in directing, Battistelli entrusts the pièce to the ensemble Ars Ludi, awarded the Silver Lion at the 2022 Music Biennale; formed by Antonio Caggiano, Rodolfo Rossi, Gianluca Ruggeri, the extraordinary trio explores the everyday life in which we are immersed through percussion, transforming it into a poetic and joyful language.

Scenography, lights and scenic machinery are by Angelo Linzalata, the direction of the sound is by Fabio Ferri.

Battistelli, always fascinated by Jules Verne (1828 - 1905) and his stories that enhance the imaginative vision of impossible journeys, celebrates the great French writer by bringing three of his famous literary characters to the stage: Professor Lidenbrock (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Dr. Ferguson (Five weeks in the bag) and Captain Nemo (Twenty thousand leagues under the sea), symbols of man's relationship with the earth, with the air, with the sea.

The protagonists meet in a living room furnished with the tools necessary to carry out their adventures and each one tells his own story trying to convince the others that he is the writer's favorite character.

A surreal theatrical action is required of the three musician-performers, who interpret the three characters, which ends with Lidenbrock, Ferguson and Nemo who join in a chorus singing, playing and playing like children. An instrumentation of bizarre sound objects is the protagonist of this dreamlike and exhilarating finale: a chain hoisted by its winch, a tub full of water to be noisily kicked, a sail to be shaken abruptly, bricks ruffled at random, gravel to be trampled capriciously. Performers must also demonstrate virtuosity on a large group of instruments including trumpet, marimba, piano and a range of large, small and unusual percussions.


(Photo above, courtesy La Biennale di Venezia © Andrea Avezzù)
Jules Verne, Giorgio Battistelli's musical theater in Rome for the IUC

Other information of interest

The new staging of Jules Verne was first represented September 14, 2022 to the La Fenice Theater of Venice as the inaugural show of the Music Biennale 2022.


Ars Ludi Ensemble
Silver Lion, Music Biennale 2022
Antonio Caggiano
Rodolfo Rossi
Gianluca Ruggeri

Giorgio Battistelli
Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Biennale Musica 2022


Jules Verne
Imagination in the form of a show for percussion trio, three voices, saxophone and piano (1987)

Text Giorgio Battistelli
Scenography, lights and scenic machinery Angelo Linzalata
Sound direction Fabio Ferri
Direction Giorgio Battistelli

A 2022 Biennale Musica production

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