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The September of the Academy 2023 | XXXII edition • Verona
The great symphony orchestras are the protagonists of the international festival promoted by the Verona Philharmonic Academy
Return to the city of Verona September of the Academy, prestigious international symphony festival promoted by one of the oldest Italian cultural institutions, theVerona Philharmonic Academy whose foundation dates back to 1543.

The XXXII edition of the festival takes place from 10 September to 5 October 2023 to the Philharmonic Theater offering almost a month of great music with leading orchestras, soloists and conductors: a consolidated event of excellence that illuminates the Veronese autumn every year.

Nine concerts programmed in the program signed by the president and artistic director Luigi Tuppini: the protagonists will be, as per tradition, the great symphony orchestras, fromRai National Orchestra directed by Juraj Valčuha, at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London led by Vasily Petrenko at the Baltic Sea Philharmonic of Kristjan Järvi to name just a few, but this year the Academy wanted to broaden its gaze to include different genres, ensembles and repertoires, from early twentieth century American music contaminated with jazz – special guest Stephen Bollani – , to the film music of Morricone and Rota, which has now entered the classical canon (Italian Cinema Orchestra), to the baroque music of Vivaldi (Andrea Marcon with the orchestra Frau Musika), up to the sensational ones 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic engaged in transcriptions of a variety of genres, from classical to Duke Ellington.

Alongside the "crossing borders" attentive to diversification and renewal, the great romantic repertoire remains a fixed point, this year placed further north-east compared to the Austro-German tradition: with Dvořák, the Russians Musorgskij, Tchaikovsky, Rachmninov and Stravinskij and the Nordics Rautavaara, Grieg and Pärt.

(Below, The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic, photocredit Uwe Arens)

The program

The Academy September 2023 inaugurates Sunday 10 With the'Rai National Symphony Orchestra directed by Juraj Valcuha, special guest the multifaceted and formidable Stephen Bollani. The Milanese jazz pianist, one of the most followed musical figures even by the general public, will perform the very famous Rhapsody in blue of George Gershwin, a masterpiece of the 20th century and a true emblem of New York music. And the program designed by Juraj Valcuha, who boasts a long collaboration with the Rai Orchestra of which he was Principal Conductor from 2009 to 2016, is entirely dedicated to America: at Rhapsody in blue is accompanied by another famous song, which dialogues with America from a European perspective, the Symphony n. 9  'From the New World' from Antonín Dvořák, and there is also a piece by Leonard Bernstein to open the evening, theOverture from Candide.

With a leap back in time, the concert of September 15 it will be a tribute to Antonio Vivaldi, icon of musical baroque and composer linked to the centuries-old history of the Veronese Academy - on 6 January 1732 the Philharmonic Theater inaugurated with his opera The Fida nymph. Will be Andrea Marcon with her Frau Musika orchestra to explore the sound world of the Venetian composer in all its timbral variety, performing Concertos for multiple instruments in various combinations, for four and two violins, two horns, two cellos, recorders, bassoon. Frau Musika, conceived by Andrea Marcon and created by the Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza with the support of the Cariverona Foundation, is a new artistic-educational project that offers musicians under 30 from all over the world the opportunity to follow a training course in orchestral practice on original instruments.

The September 16 one of the most prestigious British orchestras returns to Verona, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, led by its musical director, the Russian Vasily Petrenko, among the most dynamic and acclaimed conductors of his generation. With the extraordinary German violinist Julia Fischer will play the Violin Concerto of Tchaikovsky, completing the program with another masterpiece of Russian music, the mighty Symphony n. 2 of Rachmaninov.

The September 19 the Philharmonic Theater will make room for the great Italian cinema in music: the images of famous films will be projected with the sound commentary of theOrchestra Italian Cinema who will perform songs from the soundtracks of various authors, among which the Oscar winners stand out Nino Rota, Nicola Piovani, Ennio Morricone is Luis Bakalov. Directs Leonardo Benini, soloists the soprano Susanna Rigacci and the bandoneon player Héctor Ulisses Passarella, first interpreter of The postman.

Another welcome return is that of Baltic Sea Philharmonic directed by Kristjan Järvi, on stage the 21 September with the concert entitled Midnight Sun. This is a very particular orchestra, which plays standing up, always from memory, with highly refined programmes: on this occasion it will accompany the public into the heart of the Arctic night with the Cantus Articus of Rautavaara, the new composition Aurora for violin and orchestra of the same Järvi, The Firebird of Stravinsky and songs by Grieg is Arrive Pärt.

As every year September of the Academy includes a solo recital, entrusted to the well-known pianist from Verona Alberto Nosè, that the September 24 offers a rich recital full of pleasure, with music by Schumann, Chopin, Ravel, Poulenc, Skrjabin is Weissenberg (some of his refined arrangements of songs by Charles Trenet).

Remaining in Verona, we continue on September 28 With the'Arena Foundation Orchestra directed by Francis Ommassini in a Opera-symphonic gala with a high-level cast, made up of the soprano Anna Pirozzi, from the tenor Piero Pretti and the baritone Franco Vassallo. Music by greens, Mascagni, Puccini, Ponchielli is Giordano.

The 2nd October an ensemble of world-class soloists will be the protagonists, i 12 cellos of the Berlin Philharmonic, which form the foundation of the sound of one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world. Far from the seriousness of the orchestra, the 12 cellos in ensemble range through a variety of genres, from classical to jazz to tango, to the avant-garde, with a vast repertoire of transcriptions but also of compositions written specifically for them. At the Philharmonic Theater the 12 Berliner cellos will play music by Rota, Francaix, Williams, Piazzolla, Duke Ellington and others, in a succession of solemnity, humour, depth and lightness.

Grand finale of the Festival October 5th with a long-established orchestra and two new stars: the Dresdner Philharmonie, a team that boasts a glorious history that began in 1870, will be directed by the Pole Krzystof Urbanski, young star of the podium, soloist from Salzburg Julia Hagen, rising star of the cello. The very popular program opens with the Overture from the Marriage of Figaro of Mozart and continues with two cornerstones of the romantic nineteenth century, the Concerto in A minor of Schumann, followed by the Symphony n. 4 of Tchaikovsky which closes the concert by sealing the The September of the Academy 2023.

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The September of the Academy 2023 | XXXII edition • Verona

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