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Special Event – Inaugurations
The San Carlo opens with Turandot and inaugurates the celebrations for the centenary of Giacomo Puccini
Protagonists Sondra Radvanovsky, Yusif Eyvazov and Rosa Feola, Dan Ettinger on the podium, directed by Vasily Barkhatov
Organized by: San Carlo Theater Foundation

San Carlo Theater Foundation Presenta

“ Season 2023/24 | Opera "
The San Carlo Theater in Naples inaugurates the Season 2023/24 the December 9 (8pm) with Turandot, the unfinished masterpiece of Giacomo Puccini, thus opening the celebrations for the centenary of the composer's death which falls in 2024.

The new production – proposed with the ending written by Franco Alfano – is signed by the forty-year-old Moscow director Vasily Barkhatov, making his debut at the Neapolitan Massimo; leading the Theater Orchestra and Choir, the musical director takes to the podium Dan Ettinger, which inaugurates the San Carlo Season for the first time.

The trio of protagonists is extraordinary, with Sondra Radvanovsky – among the greatest voices of the moment – in the role of Princess Turandot, Yusif Eyvazov as Prince Calaf e Pink Feola in those of Liù. They will alternate, in the performances on 10, 13 and 16 December, Oksana Dyka (Turandot), Seok Jong Baek (Calaf), Amina Edris (Liù).

On stage too Alexander Tsymbalyuk (Timur), Alessio Arduini (Ping), Gregory Bonfatti (Pang), Francesco Pittari (Pong), Sergio Vitale (A mandarin); complete the singing company Valeria Attianese (First Handmaid), Linda Airoldi (Second handmaiden) e Vasco Maria Vagnoli (The Little Prince of Persia). Choir Master is Piero Monti, the Children's Choir is directed by Stefania Rinaldi.

The scenes are edited by Zinovy Margolin, the costumes are from Galaya Solodovnikova, the lights of Alexander Sivaev.

Seven performances are scheduled for the show that will be on the bill until December 17, 2023.

The evening of December 9th will be broadcast by Rai Cultura in prime time on Rai5 at 9.15 pm and live streaming on the platform
The San Carlo opens with Turandot and inaugurates the celebrations for the centenary of Giacomo Puccini

Other information of interest

“In this production I wanted to preserve the beauty of the final triumph of love which seems like a 'super Happy End', a concentration of all the happy endings of the story of the opera,” explains the director Vasily Barkhatov – “and I wanted to attribute greater human value to the protagonists, while at the same time preserving the original character and beauty of the fairy tale”.

“But there will be no chinoiserie – he adds – nor an overly minimalist and aseptic alternative: the setting is in a phantasmagoric world. And for Turandot – he says again Barkhatov  – I didn't want a princess costume, but armor, like Joan of Arc, impenetrable to men”. 

The staging will start with a prologue in the form of a film, then unraveling an original story between life and death, complete with an accidented car, an ambulance and an operating room on stage, and arrives at the finale along a dramaturgical articulation through 'mental pictures ', punctuated by an intriguing mechanism of the “sliding doors” type.

“Puccini's curious gaze – states the musical director Dan Ettinger – goes well beyond Butterfly with this latest work of his. In Turandot the composer's desire to experiment, his curiosity, reaches its extreme. Puccini experiments with motifs, melodies, rhythmic fragments, every possible way to take his journey truly beyond the limits. Let's think about the orchestration, where he inserts only one authentic Chinese instrument, the gong, using exclusively Western instruments for the rest. With completely traditional means, it achieves its aim which is to "imitate" not copy reality, with exceptional artistic results.".


Director | Dan Ettinger
Direction | Vasily Barkhatov
Scenes | Zinovy Margolin
Costumes | Galya Solodovnikova
Lights | Alexander Sivaev

Characters and performers
Princess Turandot | Sondra Radvanovsky /
Oksana Dyka (10, 13, 16)
Emperor Altoum | Nicola Martinucci
Timur | Alexander Tsymbalyuk
Calaf | Yusif Eyvazov /
Seokjong Baek  (10, 13, 16)
Liu | Rosa Feola /
Amina Edris  (10, 13, 16)
Ping | Alessio Arduini
Pang | Gregory Bonfatti
Pong | Francesco Pittari
A Mandarin | Sergio Vitale
First Handmaid | Valeria Attianese 
Second Handmaid | Linda Airoldi 
The Little Prince of Persia | Vasco Maria Vagnoli 
 debut at the Teatro di San Carlo
♮ Choir artist</p> Orchestra, Chorus and White Voices Chorus of the Teatro di San Carlo
Choir Master | Piero Monti
Director of the Children's Choir | Stefania Rinaldi

  New production of the Teatro di San Carlo


Giacomo Puccini

opera in three acts and five pictures
Booklet of Giuseppe Adami is Renato Simoni
from the theatrical tale of the same name by Carlo Gozzi


9 December 2023 at 8pm Inaugural Evening
10 December 2023 at 5pm
12 December 2023 at 8pm
13 December 2023 at 8pm
15 December 2023 at 8pm
16 December 2023 at 8pm
17 December 2023 at 5pm

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