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The pianist Giuseppe Albanese for the first time in Padua with the recital Invitation to dance
He will play at the Pollini Auditorium as part of the Musiké review

Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo Foundation Presenta

"Musiké 2022"
Giuseppe Albanese will give a concert for the first time a Padua, Monday May 16 (9 pm) atPollini Auditorium, where he will perform in the context of Musiké, a review of music, theater, dance promoted and organized by Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo Foundation.

The pianist, one of the most requested of his generation in the most important international contexts, presents a recital entirely dedicated to dance: a journey through Germany, Russia and France, among famous orchestral pages for ballet proposed in the transcriptions of pianists and composers and some original pieces for piano.

The program resumes the selection of tracks that Giuseppe Albanese he recorded on cd for Deutsche Grammophon: la Nutcracker Suite of Tchaikovsky, transcribed by Mikhail Pletnev, and the Firebird Suite of Stravinsky, transcribed by Guido August, will be framed by the passage of Carl Maria von Weber which gives the concert its title, Invitation to dance, and from La Valse of Ravel, two compositions born as original pieces for piano.

The piano transcriptions, originally dictated by the practical need to reproduce orchestral music in spaces and with limited means, became a real genre from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, an opportunity to explore all the timbral resources and the technical potential of the piano, resulting in real reinterpretations of the original compositions.

The program designed by Giuseppe Albanese aims to be both a tribute to dance and the art of transcription. During the concert the pianist will converse with the audience, in order to present this fascinating musical journey in the most complete form.



Admission to the concert is free with reservations required on the website
The pianist Giuseppe Albanese for the first time in Padua with the recital Invitation to dance


Giuseppe Albanese piano


Invitation to Dance - pianorécital

CarlMaria von Weber
“Invitation to dance” - transcription Carl Tausig

Piotr Ilic Tchaikovsky
Suite from "The Nutcracker" - transcription Michail Pletnev

Igor Stravinsky
Suite from "The Firebird" - transcription by Guido Agosti

Maurice Ravel
La Valse

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