The Music Museum in the church of San Maurizio in Venice
It is a small museum dedicated to violin making, an art for which Venice was famous over the centuries. Venice, in fact, was one of the European capitals of music especially in the eighteenth century when the theaters of Venice, especially during the carnival, were the venue for fantastic concerts attended by Venetians but also visitors from all over Europe.
In the church of San Maurizio in Venice, a few steps from Piazza San Marco, an incredible collection of musical instruments is preserved. The collection mainly includes strings, violins and cellos, but also harps and mandolins. Guided by the wonderful background music, the visitor enters an 'enchanted world', where art and history merge. The church of San Maurizio, founded before 1000 but rebuilt several times over the centuries up to the current building, designed in 1806 by the architect Giannantonio Selva, famous for having built the famous' La Fenice Theater, frames the music museum. ' to Venice.

Friederich Nietzche wrote “if I look for another word to say music, I always and only find the word Venice”.



Venetian interpreters

A new reality in the Italian and international concert scene! Thus the Interpreti Veneziani were born in 1987, immediately establishing themselves for “… the exuberance and the all-Italian brio that characterizes their performances”.

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