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The most listened to classical music composer on Spotify?
Have you ever wondered who is the most listened to classical music composer on Spotify? And Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Debussy… what figures could these and other famous composers have derived from streaming (if it existed in their day)?

Bach is the most listened to classical composer on Spotify, and is worth millions of euros

The question was posed by the tourist site of Leipzig - - the musical city par excellence, where Bach lived and worked for many years (1723 - 1750) holding, as everyone knows, the position of Thomaskantor. But Leipzig is also linked to Mendelssohn, Mahler, Wagner, Robert and Clara Schumann ...

So a nice survey examines the performances of the most famous classical music composers on Spotify, draw up a top list of songs and authors, and try to calculate the extent of their successes in money.

And here are the results: the composer who reaches the highest number of plays on the streaming platform is Johann Sebastian Bach.

The baroque master stands at the top of the top list with 6 million monthly plays, and a potential revenue of approx 260,000 euros per year. The highest annual salary Bach ever received in his entire life (taking into account the rate of inflation) was approximately € 33,000.

His most successful piece is the Prelude from Suite for solo cello n. 1 in G Major BWV 1007 (Prelude), heard over 162 million times. Calculated in currency of 1750, this composition alone would have earned the master an astronomical sum, as well 21 million euros.

But there is another amazing fact: the income of the Suite Bachiana would amount to well more than double the amount obtained from a song among the most listened to ever (2,822,620,126 times), Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

To draw up the calculations and figures, Leipzig Travel has adopted a simple parameter, multiplying the monthly number of streams by the average amount paid by Spotify per stream, estimated at € 0.0032.

With this method the hypothetical annual revenues from Spotify of other famous musicians were calculated, from Mozart and Vivaldi to Liszt and Debussy. In second place in this particular ranking we find Beethoven with the famous Sonata In the moonlight, to the third Chopin.

Here is the top ten of songs and authors compiled by Leipzig Travel

Bach: Suite for solo cello n. 1 in G Major BWV 1007- Prelude, 162,617,279 plays - ($ 24.729.209,62)*

Beethoven: Sonata No. 14 'In the moonlight' op. 27 n. 2 Sustained adage,  91,297,291 plays - ($ 8.884.139,39)*

Chopin: Nocturne Op. 9 n. 2, Ballad in G Min. N. 1, 76,085,547 plays - ($ 9.616.604,46)*

Mozart: Requiem, K. 626 Lacrimosa, 57.132.868 plays - ($ 5.914.737,29)*

Debussy: Bergamasque suite, III. Clair de lune. Andante très expressif, 53,853,860 plays - ($ 3.471.096,69)*

Haendel: Harpsichord Suite in D Min. N. 11 HWV 437, Sarabanda, 51,050,442 plays - ($ 6.288.036,09)*

Liszt: Dream of love n. 3 S 541, 43,589,430 plays - ($ 4.512.639,33)*

Brahms: Lullaby, Op. 49, No. 4 (Arr. Vlc and pf), 31,864,060 plays - ($ 3.736.156,63)*

Vivaldi: Concert n. 2 in G Min. Op. 8 RV 325 The summer, from The Four Seasons, 27,721,658 plays - ($ 4.149.987,65)*

Schubert: Quattro Improvvisi for piano, Op. 90 D 899 n. 4 Allegretto, 23,213,558 plays - ($ 2.378.298,66)*

Nb: * The revenues from Spotify (indicated in brackets) are of course entirely hypothetical, imagined as if streaming had existed at the time of the composers, and are calculated taking into account the inflation rate.

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