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The Circle of Ave APS • Fermo
The social promotion association Il Circolo di Ave has been active since 2019 in the classical music sector in Fermo. It promotes the chamber music festival hosted in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Brancadoro, an historic ADSL residence

II Circle of Ave, a social promotion association founded by the sisters Anna and Paola Danielli, has been operating since May 2019 in the classical music sector a Stopped.

Its main purpose is to spread classical music in the Fermo area and beyond, through an offer aimed at the panorama of "enthusiasts" with an eye also to the younger public.

In that context, The Circle of Ave is the creator and promoter of chamber music review – now in its 5th edition in 2023 – hosted at Brancadoro Palace, in the heart of Fermo, historic home ADSl. – Association of Italian Historic Houses.

In the house dating back to the end of the 1600s, the goal of hosting both emerging and already established high-profile artists on the national and international classical music scene is ideally combined; in this way, music returns to the places where it was natural to listen to it and where it was born, helping to make listening to it easier and more usable and making it a protagonist again.

The idea of Circle of Ave to bring this marvelous art back to the places assigned to it, such as in a historic residence, helps to bring the public closer to it, which once again considers it fundamental. The format of the Circolo di Ave, for almost 4 years, has been centered onintimate experience of the chamber music concert, during which the spectator feels the musician almost "on", absorbing every breath and whisper generated by the musical performance. At the end of the concert, guests have the opportunity to entertain themselves with a toast for a convivial moment together with the musicians, in the frescoed rooms of the residence.


(Photo Marilena Imbrescia) 

Brancadoro Palace rises among the medieval streets of the historic center of Stopped. It dates back to the end of the 17th century (1669 to be precise), and was built by one of the oldest patrician families in the city.

From the Official Noble List of the Marche it appears thatvery ancient Brancadoro family the titles of Marquis, Count, Patrician of Fermo, Noble of Fano and Noble of Orvieto are assigned. This ancient lineage did not have papal origins but dated back to the emperor Sigismund who, on 12 April 1433, had conferred the title of count palatine of the Holy Roman Empire on Giovanni Brancadoro.

Among the illustrious characters of the family stands out the Cardinal Cesare Brancadoro, protagonist of important Fermo events, elegant man of letters and orator. Born in 1755 to Count Giuseppe and Giulia Massi, Cesare was initiated into a priestly career and on 23 February 1801 he was appointed cardinal with the title of S. Girolamo dei Croati. He resided in the building for most of his life and the main floor was his representative apartment. He died in the archdiocese of Fermo on 12 September 1837, at the age of 82.

Around the 1930s, the main floor, the second floor, the attics and cellars of the building were purchased by Aroldo Danielli, paternal grandfather of the founders of the Circolo di Ave, Anna and Paola, who still own it and live there today. Aroldo Danielli spent his entire life in the house with his wife Ave Properzi Danielli, and it is Grandma Ave – to whom the association is dedicated – who inspired her granddaughters.

Ave, a pianist by training, in fact he graduated at the end of the 1920s at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, and played his beloved piano, one Steinway & Sons of 1929 still present in the house, until the last day of his life. She was also the muse of Osvaldo Licini, who painted her 'Portrait of Ave' (1920), a work that can now be admired at the Casa Museo Osvaldo Licini in Monte Vidon Corrado.

Numerous restorations and conservation interventions have been carried out at Palazzo Brancadoro over the years to preserve its artistic and historical value. During the internal restorations of 1997, in the rooms adjacent to the Ballroom, some frescoes dating from the end of the 1600s and the beginning of the 1800s were found. To be admired even today, the terracotta flooring from the end of the 17th century and the suggestive Liberty-era bathroom.
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