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"The encore that wasn't performed."
The bis. . . that was not given is the one related to the famous phrase "Paganini does not repeat", a phrase still in use as an idiomatic expression to refuse the repetition of words or actions

In February 1818, at the end of a triumphal concert by Paganini (Genoa 1782 - Nice 1840) at the Teatro Carignano in Turin, Carlo Felice, the future King of Sardinia and Duke of Savoy, asked for an encore of a piece that had particularly fascinated him. The famous violinist, regardless of the august lineage of the enthusiastic spectator, refused with the famous phrase Paganini does not repeat.

Carlo Felice, re di Sardegna

Paganini actually improvised many of the pieces he played in concerts, following the inspiration of the moment - it would therefore have been almost impossible. 'repeat' a track; moreover, it seems that the artist injured his fingertips in the impetus of the performance, which would have made it very difficult for him to play a piece again while maintaining the same high level. However, it must also be said that Paganini was a sort of living legend, a star, one star ante-litteram for which the public was delighted, an artist who, as a shrewd PR of himself as we could say today - had built an image of an extraordinary and eccentric artist.

Whatever the case, Paganini paid dearly for refusing the encore: because of this diplomatic incident he was in fact denied permission to hold the third of the concerts scheduled in his tour. As he wrote to his Genoese friend Luigi Germi "My constellation in this sky is opposite. For not being able to replicate the variations of the second Academy on request (nb this was the term then used for concerts) Mr. Governor thought it right to suspend my third… ”(February 25, 1818).

Following these events, the concerts that Paganini should have held in Vercelli and Alessandria were also canceled; the artist, again in Germi in a letter of 11 March 1818 confided "In this kingdom, I hope my vioino will not make it heard anymore."

It will not go like this. Paganini returned to perform in Turin as a sign of thanks to Carlo Felice's successor, Carlo Alberto di Savoia, who had granted him the legitimacy of his beloved natural son Achille, had by the singer Antonia Bianchi.

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