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Gloria Campaner, pianorécital at the Lucca Classica Festival
Beethoven and Chopin on the program
Organizzato da: Lucca Classica

Lucca Classica Presents

"The Concerts of Pieve a Elici in Lucca Classica"
The Venetian pianist Gloria Campaner plays on July 26 (9.15 pm) at the Boccherini Auditorium for the Lucca Classica festival. Two very famous and much-loved compositions are on the program, Beethoven's Sonata “In the moonlight” and Chopin's Preludes op 28. Beethoven, Sonata in C sharp minor op. 27 n. 2 "In the moonlight" The Sonata in C sharp minor op. 27 n. 2 “Almost a fantasy” is one of the most famous piano compositions of all time. Universally known, it enjoyed immediate and boundless popularity. Published in 1802 in Vienna together with the Sonata op. 27 n. 1 in E flat major, is dedicated to Beethoven's favorite pupil, the young Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, with whom the composer seems to have fallen in love. It was the Berlin critic and poet Ludwig Rellstab (1799-1860) who coined the subtitle “Mondschein Sonate” (“In the moonlight”), comparing the absorbed immobility of the first half to the reflection of the moonlight on Lake Lucerne. The image had an unprecedented success and it is with this title that the Sonata has firmly entered the history of art not only in music. Chopin, Preludes op. 28 The Preludes op. 28 by Fryderyk Chopin is a collection of 24 piano compositions written between 1831 and 1839, one for each musical key, both major and minor. One of the most acute judgments on the work is undoubtedly that of Schumann: "They are sketches, initial fragments of studies or - if you like - ruins, eagle feathers, wildly arranged in bulk. But delicate and pearly writing indicates in each of them: Fryderyk Chopin wrote it. It is recognized by the pauses and by the impetuous breathing. He is and will remain the most daring and the proudest poetic spirit of the time."This is how Giorgio Pestelli describes it instead:"In this wonderful collection, where every joke shines like a gem, Chopin has invented a poetization of the prelude by interposing his romantic irony between ancient and modern models: which is realized in the awareness of a perennial linguistic mobility, of a contemporaneity of literal meaning and allusion. : Bach's prelude and romantic piano piece slide one inside the other like two chained rings, and the charm increases due to the characteristic, all Chopinian, of never giving the impression of having implemented all possible means; a discretion, a mask that only makes the force of his immortal inventions more penetrating. "   *** Gloria Campaner, with more than twenty victories in national and international competitions, it carries out concerts in the main festivals and seasons on every continent. In Italy he regularly performs at institutions and festivals such as the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, the Rai National Symphony Orchestra, MiTo SettembreMusica, the Brescia and Bergamo International Festival, the Milan Concerts Society, Radio3 Quirinale Concerts, Ravello Festival, Asolo Musica, etc. He has toured in Europe, China, Japan, South Africa, Armenia, Lebanon, USA, Israel, Latin America, India, playing in prestigious halls and festivals such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Warsaw Philharmonic, Kioi Hall in Tokyo, NCPA in Beijing, Salle Cortot in Paris, Wiener Saal in Salzburg, Eilat Music Festival in Israel, Oxford International Music Festival, IKIF in New York City, Al Bustan Festival in Beirut, Season of the Lugano Italian Switzerland Orchestra and others. She is regularly invited to television and radio broadcasts (RaiRadio3 Suite, BBC inTune, Rai Quirinale, RaiRadio1, Vatican Radio, and many others. (Photo Vanessa Zan)


Lucca Classica realizes within the festival the musical project "I Concerti di Pieve a Elici", originally conceived for the Romanesque parish church of S. Pantaleone.
Gloria Campaner, pianorécital at the Lucca Classica Festival


Gloria Campaner, piano


Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor op. 27 n. 2 "In the moonlight"
Sustained adage
Soon shaken
Fryderyk Chopin, Preludes op. 28

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