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Genoa, the 56th Paganini Prize goes to Giuseppe Gibboni
The violinist from Salerno wins the 56th edition of the prestigious Competition, the first Italian after 24 years
The twenty year old Giuseppe Gibboni won the 56th edition of the Paganini Prize.

It ended on October 24 with the final at Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa the prestigious violin competition, held under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Acquaviva.

The finalists performed in a public concert with theCarlo Felice Orchestra directed by Sergej Krylov.

The authoritative jury chaired by Sergej Krylov It's composed by Pietro Borgonovo, Pierangelo Conte, Francesca Dego, Stephanie Gonley, Pavel Korgan, Aiman Mussakhajayeva, Cristoph Poppen, is Pavel Vernikov.

Equipped with extraordinary technique, total mastery of the instrument and great musical sensitivity, Gibboni has given an incredible reading of the Paganini concert n.1, and highlighted interpretative sensitivity and lyrical elegance also in the performance of the Concerto op. 35 by Tchaikovsky, achieving warm success.

Born into a family of musicians, Gibboni began playing the violin at the age of three, immediately demonstrating an extraordinary talent.

After Salvatore Accardo (1958), Massimo Quarta (19991) and John Angeleri (1997), Giuseppe Gibboni is the fourth Italian violinist to win the First Prize, not awarded sixteen times.

The young violinist is awarded a cash prize of € 30,000, numerous concerts offered by various major musical institutions (including the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, the Fenice in Venice, the Comunale in Bologna), and the exciting opportunity to play the 'Cannon', the precious 1743 Guarneri del Gesù violin that belonged to Paganini.

In second place the very young South Korean Nurie Chung just sixteen, while the third position sees an ex aequo between two of the four girls who entered the final, the 24 year old Ava Bahari from Sweden and Germany Lara Boschkor 22 years old.

Also assigned 5 Special awards three of which went to winner Giuseppe Gibboni and two to runner-up Nurie Chung.


102 were the competitors from all over the world registered for the Prize. Among these, the commission through video selection had chosen 32 candidates admitted to the preliminary rounds in Genoa. Only 24 then presented themselves due to the difficulties deriving from the pandemic, and among them six were the artists who entered the final, for the first time in the history of the four women Award. Alongside the winners, the other finalists were Louisa Staples from the UK and Olga Artyugina from Russia.


Among the winners of the Paganini Prize, names of absolute prestige such as Salvatore Accardo, Gidon Kremer, Leonidas Kavakos, Natalia Prichepenko, Massimo Quarta, Isabelle Faust.


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