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Genoa, Il corsaro by Giuseppe Verdi is being staged at the Carlo Felice Theatre
Protagonists Francesco Meli, Irina Lungu, Mario Cassi, directed by Renato Palumbo
Organized by: Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa
Under 18, €15 | Under 30, €25

Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa Presents

“Opera Season 2023 -24”
TO Genoa, from 17 to 26 May 2024 L'Opera Carlo Felice presents The corsair, tragic melodrama in three acts by Joseph greens with a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, taken from the poem of the same name by George Byron. Composed in Paris between 1847 and 1848 and performed for the first time on October 25, 1848 at the Teatro Grande in Trieste, is one of the least performed works of the Busseto master.

The opera returns to the Genoese stage in the directorial reading of Lambert Puggelli made in 2004, with scenes from Marco Capuana, the costumes of Vera Marzot and the lights of Maurizio Montobbio; the musical direction is entrusted to Renato Palumbo, at the helm ofOrchestra and Chorus of the Carlo Felice Opera and a cast featuring protagonists Francis Apple trees in the role of Corrado, Irina Long in that of Medora e Mario Cassi as Seid; with them, Olga Maslova (Gulnara), Xavier Flower (Selimo), Adriano Gramigni (John), Julian Petouchoff  (A eunuch) e Matteo Michi (A slave). Choir Master is Claudio Marino Moretti, the master of arms is Renzo Musumeci Greco; the setup of the Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa is made in co-production with the Regio Theater of Parma.

The dramaturgy of Corsair unfolds through adventures, battles and shocking loves. The subject, taken from the poem The Corsair published by Lord Byron in 1814, it had attracted the attention of greens since 1844, so much so that he had already entrusted the reduction into an opera libretto to Francesco Maria Piave. The story traces the adventures of a corsair, Corrado, who, tired of being imprisoned on an Aegean island, decides to escape to attack the Turkish pasha Seid, abandoning his beloved Medora. The attack is foiled by the Turks, and Conrad and his corsairs are sentenced to death. During the night, Gulnara, the pasha's favorite and in love with Corrado, kills Seid and frees her beloved. Returning to the island, Corrado meets Medora who is now dying: shocked by his death sentence, she had in fact decided to take her own life. Faced with this tragedy, Corrado throws himself into the sea.

Verdi's music enhances both the dimension of conflict and that of love, with arias of great lyricism and dramatic intensity ("Tutto seem to smile", "Il fiero corsaro è mio viaggio!", "Oh mio Corrado appressati"). There is no shortage of references to the Italian tradition of the first half of the nineteenth century, but with Il corsaro Verdi introduces new ideas, those very personal intuitions that would soon define his style and change the history of melodrama.

«In a history rich in arias, cabalettas, duets, concertati, and stentorian declamations – says the conductor Renato Palumbo – my task will be to underline the mood of the characters, to highlight their character and motivations, recreating in the orchestra concert the painful atmospheres of Medora and Corrado, the virile and aggressive accents of Seid, the pressing and seductive singing of Gulnara, which Verdi combines with his usual and ineffable talent. The privilege of performing much of Verdi's repertoire made me understand how much complexity and depth of thought lies behind the simplicity of his language. An inclusive language that had to reach everyone well beyond social and cultural differences. Verdi becomes that master of life who through his music speaks to us, educates us and elevates us humanly. Its knowledge must be approached with respect and above all with humility. In doing so we understand that music is only the starting point to arrive at the message that his dramaturgical idea represents in all his modernly immortal masterpieces."

Directed by Lamberto Puggelli captures the most romantic and overwhelming aspects of the work, with a staging of strong visual impact, in which the sails of the ships of the corsairs and the Turks dominate, which transform both into the cage that locks Corrado, taken prisoner, and into the fascinating and mysterious harem of Pasha Seid. The battle scenes, coordinated by the master of arms, are gripping Renzo Musumeci Greco
Genoa, Il corsaro by Giuseppe Verdi is being staged at the Carlo Felice Theatre


Characters and performers
Corrado Francesco Meli
Medora Irina Lungu
Seid Mario Cassi
Gulnara Olga Maslova
Selimo Saverio Fiore
John Adriano Gramigni
A eunuch Giuliano Petouchoff
A slave Matteo Michi

Concert master
and conductor
Renato Palumbo

Direction Lamberto Puggelli
Scenes Marco Capuana
Costumes Vera Marzot
Weapons Master Renzo Musumeci Greco
Lights Maurizio Montobbio

Orchestra, Chorus and Technicians of the Carlo Felice Opera
Choir Master Claudio Marino Moretti

Installation by the Carlo Felice Theater Foundation in Genoa
in co-production with the Teatro Regio of Parma


The corsair
Tragic melodrama in three acts by
Giuseppe Verdi

with a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave
from the poem by George Byron


17 May 2024 at 8pm 'before'
performances 19 and 26 May at 3pm
May 24 at 8pm

Who organizes

Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of GenoaThe Carlo Felice Theatre,… more

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