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Special Event – Inaugurations
Genoa, A Midsummer Night's Dream by Britten inaugurates the 23/24 Season of the Carlo Felice
Donato Renzetti directs the spectacular new production curated by Laurence Dale
Organized by: Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa
Under 18, 15 euros – Under 30, 25 euros

Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa Presents

“Opera Season 2023/24”
And the A Midsummer Night's Dream, A Midsummer Night's Dream of Benjamin Britten the title chosen byOpera Carlo Happy of Genoa for the inauguration of the 2023/24 opera season. The opera in three acts / with his own libretto and that of Peter Pears based on the famous comedy by William Shakespeare will be presented from 13 to 19 October 2023 in a new installation created in collaboration with the Royal Opera House in Muscat (Oman).

He will go up to the podium, leading the Carlo Felice teams Donated Renzetti, director emeritus of the Theatre; the direction is entrusted to Laurence Dale, sets and costumes are by Gary McCann, the lights of John Bishop, the choreography of Carmine De Friends.

The singing company is made up of Christopher Ainslie (Oberon), Sydney Mancasola (Tytania), Matteo Anselmi (Puck), Scott Wilde (Theseus), Kamelia Kader (Hippolyta), Peter Kirk (Lysander), John Chest (Demetrius), Hagar Sharvit (Hermia), Keri Escape (Helena), David Shipley (Bottom), David Ireland (Quince), Seumas Begg (Flutes), Zion Goronwy (Snug), Robert Burt (Snout), Benjamin Bevan (Starveling).

The A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of Shakespeare's best known and most represented works, and one of the plays most loved by audiences at every latitude: In a plot made up of loves, misunderstandings, clashes and spells, the world of fairies, the aristocratic dimension of the children of the court of Athens, and yet another bizarre group of artisans aspiring actors. Everything is immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere, as difficult to describe in words as it is immediate to perceive. There are many dramaturgical elements that unite the Dream with the best operatic tradition, and which in 1960 inspired Benjamin Britten to set the comedy to music.

It's a complex score – he comments Donated Renzetti – in which Puccini and Rossini cues can be found, and rhythmic hints in the style of Stravinsky will even peep out… But in the end it is Britten, a unique and original composer whose music easily transports us into the dimension so dear to Shakespeare “we are made of the same substance as dreams". And what dream would we be without music?".

Director Laurence Dale comments on the creative process: «Britten's music requires virtuoso singing with its complexity, just as Shakespeare's roles require virtuoso acting, so imagine the challenge of casting such roles. With Pierangelo Conte we had the task of finding an optimal cast for this production. Meanwhile, with leading costume and set designer Gary McCann, we set out to create a magical forest in which couples, lovers or friends, lose themselves, testing the essence of their relationships. We decided to return to an Elizabethan style of dress from the 1600s, but we made sure not to be prisoners of that period, creating a fantasy world that is tinged with the contemporary genius of Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen. We wanted the forest to be scary, forbidden and eternally changing, as well as mystical. We therefore asked John Bishop, with whom we have already collaborated in the past, to recreate that mysticism through the lights and to add the precious video effects of the designer Leandro Summe. Since it was an opera, therefore a musical version, Britten placed the emphasis on the harmony between the characters and his choreographer, John Cranko, was the producer. Here, the choreographer Carmine De Amicis creates movements and dances that reflect this harmony of the spheres through dance."

(Photocredit Marcello Orselli)
Genoa, A Midsummer Night's Dream by Britten inaugurates the 23/24 Season of the Carlo Felice

Other information of interest

The before of October 13th will be recorded and broadcast in deferred from Rai Radio 3.

In February 2024 the production will resume at the Royal Opera House in Muscat.


Characters and performers

Oberon Christopher Ainslie
Tytania Sydney Mancasola
Puck Matteo Anselmi
Theseus Scott Wilde
Hippolyta Kamelia Kader
Lysander Peter Kirk
Demetrius John Chest
Hermia Hagar Sharvit
Helena Keri Fuge
Bottom David Shipley
Quince David Ireland
Flutes Seumas Begg
Snug Zion Goronwy
Snout Robert Burt
Starveling Benjamin Bevan

Concert master
and conductor
Donato Renzetti

Direction Laurence Dale
Scenes and costumes Gary McCann
Choreography and collaborating director
Carmine De Amicis
Lights John Bishop

Orchestra, children's choir and technicians of the Carlo Felice Opera
Master of the Children's Choir Gino Tanasini

New layout of the Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of Genoa
in collaboration with Royal Opera House in Muscat (Oman)


A Midsummer Night's Dream
Opera in three acts Benjamin Britten

on his own libretto and by Peter Pears,
from the comedy of William Shakespeare


13 October 2023 at 8pm 'before'
repeat performances on 15 October at 3pm, on 17 and 19 October at 8pm

Who organizes

Carlo Felice Theater Foundation of GenoaThe Carlo Felice Theatre,… more

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