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Giuseppe Verdi Opera Theater Foundation of Trieste

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Hall of the 'Victor de Sabata' Ridotto

The Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi Foundation of Trieste is an Lyric-Symphonic Foundation established - by virtue of art. 1, c. 1 of Legislative Decree 24 November 2000 n. 345, with effect from 23 May 1998 - for transformation of the then "Autonomous Body of the Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi" of Trieste, a body of national interest responsible for the management and dissemination of opera, concert and ballet activities, considered by the State of significant interest general, taking over the rights, obligations and active and passive relationships.

The Foundation pursues as its goal the dissemination of musical art, as far as it is concerned, the professional training of artistic and technical cadres and the musical education of the community.

For the pursuit of its goals, the Foundation directly manages the Giuseppe Verdi Theater, owned by the Municipality of Trieste, entrusted to it by law, preserving its historical and cultural heritage.

The Verdi Theater, born under the name of Teatro Nuovo, is one of the oldest operating opera houses.

It was built, on the proposal of Giovanni Matteo Tommasini, between 1798 and 1801 by the architects Giannantonio Selva (the same of the "Fenice" of Venice) and Matteo Pertsch on a free area overlooking the sea, located between the Teresiano village, the city the new commercial and economic center of gravity is the Piazza Grande, the heart of political power.

The inauguration took place on 21 April 1801 with Simone Mayr's Geneva of Scotland and Antonio Salieri's Annibale in Capua, while the adjacent “San Pietro” Theater, which had hitherto been the center of the intense theatrical life of Trieste in the eighteenth century, was permanently closed.

The Theater - equipped with a Ridotto, at the origin of about 700 seats, today 224 - has changed its name several times: in 1821 it was called Teatro Grande; in 1861, after its acquisition by the Municipality, it became a Municipal Theater and, on 27 January 1901, it was consecrated to the name of Verdi a few hours after the death of the great composer, by resolution of the Municipal Deputation.

Giuseppe Verdi Opera Theater Foundation of Trieste

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