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Municipal Theater Foundation of Bologna
The Teatro Comunale di Bologna Foundation was born in 1999, from the transformation of the Autonomous Teatro Comunale di Bologna, in order to manage the Teatro Comunale while preserving its historical and cultural heritage, and it carries out opera, ballet and concerts also in Italy and abroad. .


Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv has been appointed Music Director of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, with a three-year assignment starting from January 2022 which includes at least two operas and two concerts for each season. She is the first woman at the top of an Italian Opera-Symphonic Foundation.

Other rooms or locations

Manzoni Theater (1200 seats)


Scuola dell'Opera The Scuola dell'Opera of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna is aimed at young singers, musicians and technicians with the aim of guaranteeing them a direct stage experience. The courses are limited and completely free. Info:

Museum space

Historical archive The historical archive of the Municipal Theater of Bologna is managed in collaboration with the International Museum of Music of Bologna. (Seasons starting from 1763) -Info: -

The history of the Bologna opera house begins with the fire that destroyed the then Teatro Malvezzi in Bologna in 1745, built entirely of wood. After the fire, the city commissioned Antonio Galli Bibiena, a member of the famous family of theatrical architects and set designers, to build a new stone opera house in the Baroque style of the period.

On 14 May 1763 the Municipal Theater opened its doors to the public with the first performance of The triumph of Clelia by Gluck. Documents of the time report that 1500 people attended the inaugural event, out of a total population that at that time was 70,000 inhabitants. Since then the Comunale has become famous for the high quality level of its shows and for the fame of the artists who come from all over the world.

The musical culture of Bologna is well known: many composers, including Mozart, studied at the Bologna Music Academy; Rossini lived in the city for years and saw his operas staged at the Comunale; Verdi worked in nearby Busseto and in Sant'Agata. In 1867 the first Italian representation of Don Carlo took place on the stage of Bibiena a few months after the "premiere" in Paris.

But the city and the theater were also open to the arrival of non-Italian productions and artists. Because it was the first theater to stage the Wagnerians Lohengrin, Tannhäuser, Der fliegende Holländer, Tristan und Isolde is Parsifal, the Teatro Comunale acquired the fame of a "Wagnerian" city for Bologna. Lohengrin, Verdi was seated in a box at the Theater, in his hands the score of his rival.

Between great directors appeared on the Bolognese scene are to be remembered: Mariani, Toscanini, Furtwängler, von Karajan, Gavazzeni, Celibidache, Solti, Delman and, more recently, Muti, Abbado, Chailly, Thielemann, Sinopoli, Gatti and Jurowski. The great historical voices 19th century they all passed on the stage of the Municipal. In 20th century singers Which Stignani, Schipa, Gigli, Di Stefano, Christoff, Tebaldi, Del Monaco and, more recently, Pavarotti, Freni, Bruson, Horne, Ludwig, Anderson they performed in this theater. Today the Municipal Theater continues its tradition of excellence. The more recent productions have been signed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, Luca Ronconi, Bob Wilson, Pier'Alli, Werner Herzog and Calixto Bieito. 

The Theater makes use of the collaboration of 95 orchestra professors and 70 choir artists and realizes in a season about 80 opera performances and 30 symphonic concerts. In addition to serving Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region, the Theater has traveled abroad: to remember the tournèes in Japan in the years 1993, 1998, 2002 and 2006, as well as participation in important international festivals such as Aix en Provence in 2005 and Savonlinna in 2006.

Municipal Theater Foundation of Bologna

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    Concert Season


    101st Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2024

    From 7 June to 7 September '24

    Verdi Festival of Parma and Busseto, XXIV Edition

    From 21 September to 20 October '24

    LacMus Festival 2024

    From 9 July to 21 July '24

    Bologna Festival 2024 – 43rd edition

    From 18 March to 6 November '24

    Lucca Classica X edition

    From 24 April Ended 28 April '24