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FloReMus 2023 – Musical Renaissance in Florence | 7th edition
The International Festival returns to the city symbol of the Renaissance; concerts, conversations and workshops are scheduled
TO Florence from 1 to 17 September 2023 takes place the seventh edition of FloReMus, a precious and fascinating international festival dedicated to Renaissance music, organized by the association L'Homme Armé who celebrates the 40 years from the foundation.

In the city which is the cradle and symbol of Renaissance civilization in its various expressions, artistic-visual, literary, philosophical, scientific and political, the festival FloReMus invites you to discover the musical repertoire of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, highlighting the fundamental role played by Florence also in the development of the musical Renaissance.

The seventh edition of Floremus presents a rich calendar of over two weeks concerts (evening and à boire), conversations (even itinerant ones), laboratories, it's a event cinematic, continuing the exploration of the vast musical panorama from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, up to the threshold of the early Baroque. The programming, aimed at an audience of enthusiasts and the curious, alternates events of different types with the aim of raising awareness of little-known music and themes.

The program

The focus of the billboard are the four evening concerts (9.15 pm) with the participation of European-level groups and with very particular and often rare musical programs:

the 2 September in Cloister of the Museum of the Twentieth Century, the ensemble Dramatody of Alberto Allegrezza proposes Babylon: characters, masks and various speeches in 16th century Italy with music by Filippo Azzaiolo, Giulio Cesare Croce, Orazio Vecchi, Andrea Gabrieli, Annibale Padovano and others;

the September 7 in the magnificent Michelozzo Library at the San Marco Museum it will be the turn of Hommage in Tarquinia Molza (1542 – 1617), poet, intellectual and musician from Modena; of scene Giovanna Baviera: mezzo-soprano, viola da gamba and artistic direction, again Alberto Allegrezza (tenor and recorder) e Michele Vannelli on the harpsichord. In the program the music of Tarquinia Molza stands out on the one hand, and on the other his verses sung by Palestrina, Ingegneri, Primavera.

Sunday September 10 in the'Auditorium of Sant'Apollonia the ensemble will be the protagonist L'Homme Armé, organizer of the event: on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary, with the direction of Fabio Lombard presents a program linked to your name. The melody L'homme armé, taken from a Burgundian song, represents a unique case in Renaissance music for the large number of reworkings including those by the masters of classical polyphony Antoine Brumel, Josquin Desprez, Jean Mouton, Ninot Le Petit, proposed in the program;

the September 13 back to San Marco Museum for  The humanist lute: Improvisation and magic in Leonardo's Italy, with the lutenist Bor Zuljan engaged in music by Ambrosio Dalza, Vincenzo Capirola, Johannes Ockeghem, Bartolomeo Tromboncino. Considered by humanists as Orpheus' lyre, at the end of the 15th century the lute became the instrument of choice for European courts.

FloReMus 2023 also reserves a special space for young Italian musicians who are making their way in this musical sector; they are the protagonists of the so-called Concerts à boire, mostly scheduled at aperitif time and in places of notable interest, almost all outside the historic center and adjacent to venues that can offer the opportunity for a convivial moment. The performers of the 6 concerts à boire were selected based on the specificity of the proposals presented.

Aiming to intertwine music with various cultural aspects of the era, the festival combines concerts with conversations of high dissemination with renowned specialists, almost all held at the Oblate Library at 6pm. The topics touch on themes related to music, history, art and Renaissance culture with a particular focus on Florence and Tuscany;

still worth mentioning is the screening of the film The Master of Notes – Josquin Desprez, written and directed by Marco Zarrelli, the 12 September at the Astra Cinema.

Finally, the program is completed by two very interesting workshops: Strategies and deceptions of the senses and the intellect in the musical experience of the Renaissance, edited by Ida Maria Tosto (September 3) e Transforming songs. Small poetic-musical workshop between Bob Dylan and Lorenzo the Magnificent, edited by Gianni Guastella is Fabio Lombardo (September 17);
FloReMus 2023 – Musical Renaissance in Florence | 7th edition

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