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Filarmonica Romana, at the Teatro Argentina the Prometeo Quartet continues the complete Shostakovich Quartets
Penultimate appointment of the cycle started in 2022 and will end in May
Organized by: Roman Philharmonic Academy

Roman Philharmonic Academy Presents

“ Season 2023-24 ”
Thursday January 18, 2024 (9pm) on Prometheus Quartet, one of the most recognized Italian chamber groups, returns to the stage of Argentina Theater for the 2023/24 season ofRoman Philharmonic Academy: the penultimate appointment of the project dedicated toComplete of Dmitri Shostakovich's String Quartets. Started in 2022, the cycle will end on May 9th.

There are fifteen pieces that the Russian musician wrote for this group: composed between 1938 and 1974, the Quartets span a significant part of the twentieth century, from the Second World War to the first signs of détente between the Atlantic and Soviet blocs; the great history and personal experience of Shostakovich (St. Petersburg 1906 – Moscow 1975) intertwine and reverberate in these compositions, which thus become precious testimony to an era and a particular musical feeling.

The Prometheus Quartet - formed by Giulio Rovighi first violin, Aldo Campagnari second violin, Danusha Waskiewicz Violet, Francis Dillon cello – in the evening at the Teatro Argentina he will perform i Quartets n. 11, 12 and 13, that Shostakovich he wrote between 1966 and 1970.
Filarmonica Romana, at the Teatro Argentina the Prometeo Quartet continues the complete Shostakovich Quartets


Prometheus Quartet

Giulio Rovighi first violin
Aldo Campagnari second violin
Danusha Waskiewicz Violet
Francesco Dillon cello


Dmitrij Šostakóvič
(St. Petersburg 1906 - Moscow 1975)

String Quartet no. 11 in F minor op. 122
String Quartet no. 12 in D flat major op. 133
String Quartet no. 13 in B flat minor op. 138


The Prometheus Quartet at the Roman Philharmonic Academy with Shostakovich

The special project dedicated to the Complete String Quartets by is now underway . . .

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