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Festival in Padua
“Bartolomeo Cristofori” International Piano Festival
Piano festival dedicated to the inventor of the piano, born in Padua in 1655.


Bartolomeo Cristofori Friends of the Conservatory Association

The Bartolomeo Cristofori – Friends of the Conservatory association organizes an international piano festival named after Bartolomeo Cristofori from Padua, inventor of the piano.
The Festival takes place in various places in the city from the Verdi Theater to the Scuola della Carità passing through, among others, Palazzo Papafava, the Sala dei Giganti del Liviano and Barco Teatro.
The Festival is organized in collaboration with the Conservatories of Padua and Adria.

Bartolomeo Cristofori (Padua, 4 May 1655 – Florence, 27 January 1732) was an Italian harpsichord, organ maker and luthier. He was one of the most famous harpsichord makers of his time. He was the inventor of the fortepiano, the main precursor of the piano.


Of the three fortepianos by Cristofori that have come down to us, the one from 1722 stands out, first belonging to Benedetto Marcello, then to his brother Alessandro who left it as an inheritance to his cousin Countess Lucia Cittadella Rapti, then passed to the Giusti counts of Padua and now preserved in the Museo degli musical instruments of Rome.
“Bartolomeo Cristofori” International Piano Festival
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